Microinvest Warehouse Pro
Back office software product for inventory management of supermarkets, warehouses and retail establishments
Version Date
3.07.070 08.04.2024
Microinvest Hotel Pro
Complete hotel hospitality management system
Version Date
1.00.025 23.05.2024
Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light
Software product which optimizes the workplace of cashier in different point of sales
Version Date
3.07.082 08.04.2024
Microinvest Warehouse Pro Mobile
Mobile solution for deliveries
Version Date
3.07.052 15.04.2015
Microinvest Warehouse Pro Web
Web module through which every user can access the database from anywhere in the world
Version Date
3.07.035 04.05.2017
Microinvest Bаrcode Printer Pro
Software for designing and printing barcode labels
Version Date
3.07.027 28.03.2023
Microinvest FastPOS
Modern application for automation of shops, pavilions, boutiques based on Android platform
Version Date Price for 1 license
3.07.001 01.10.2013 Subscription
Microinvest DataCollector for Android
Advanced barcode scanning app that provides automation of stock control and inventory management
Version Date
3.07.001 01.10.2013
Microinvest Feedback
Software application for measurement of clients' satisfaction in shops. Compatible with Android OS
Version Date
3.07.003 03.11.2013
Microinvest Warehouse Pro Data Collector
Easy generation of operations in Microinvest Warehouse Pro from barcodes collected with terminal type Data Collector
Version Date
3.07.019 24.07.2023
Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone Manager
Desktop application for data exchange with Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone.
Version Date
3.07.102 27.07.2020
Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone
Free application for Microsoft Windows Phone OS. Use your mobile phone to download the product
Version Date
3.07.102 27.07.2020
Microinvest Warehouse Open
OpenSource software for Linux
Version Date Price for 1 license 31.03.2015 Free
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