Microinvest WarehouseOpen
Size: 76 MB
Date: 31.03.2015

Microinvest Warehouse Open is analogous to Microinvest Warehouse Pro. The POS (Point of Sale) software solution is an Open Source application that rubs on Linux Operating System. The product is freeware, available to anyone who wants to enjoy modern, highly efficient inventory management software on Linux OS.

Microinvest WarehouseOpen has the following features:
1. It is an OpenSource project under GPL, fully developed for Linux OS;
2. It uses MySQL database;
3. Developed to work with Mono project: www.mono-project.com;
4. Supports and works with all Microinvest  standard databases, which enable customers to use the product separately or as a part of complex software systems. 

The users working with Linux are free to choose their OS, to install it and work with all freeware Linux versions. As Microinvest  shares the same ideology, Warehouse Open does not need any registration codes and can be downloaded directly from our website. What is more, the Open Source GPL license gives the users the opportunity to use MySQL Server and Open office free of charge, so they can build a fully efficient software system with performance equal to the one of  ERP systems.

The main modules of the software are:

  •  Sales, Retail and Wholesale;
  •  Invoicing (Issue/Void Invoice);
  •  Goods;
  •  Supply and Delivery;
  •  Transfer;
  •  Waste;
  •  Point Of Sale (POS);
  •  Stock-Tracking; 
  •  A numerous range of reports (Sales, Transfers, Wastes, etc).

Microinvest guarantees that Warehouse Open application will be constantly developed, improved and updated together with the Windows versions of the product. Thus the company ensures that Warehouse Open will be 100% compatible with its wide range of products covering the areas of Accounting, Salary, Payroll, Personnel Management etc.

Microinvest Warehouse Open Microinvest Warehouse Open - Settings

Microinvest Warehouse Open - Sales Report Microinvest Warehouse Open - Payments

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