Microinvest  carries out an international campaign to improve the computer knowledge and IT experience of young people. The company has a special policy for donating its software products to high schools and universities all over the world.

Microinvest is an European software leader. The company develops and improves a wide variety of POS, retail and accounting software products. Our representatives in Africa are based in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Africa.

The software solutions of Microinvest  successfully automate all kinds of activities, related to the monitoring and controlling of stocks, inventories, operations and documents. Our products provide the latest cutting-edge solutions for optimization, management and efficiency improvement of all processes within POS business.

The aim of the donation campaign is to support a rapid and successful realization of young professionals in the IT sphere. This educational program has been successfully carried by Microinvest  in Bulgaria and Russia for more than 10 years, and has repeatedly proved its importance and usefulness for young professionals. "Everyone who invests in education - invests in the future" - with these words begins the letter from the Director of the Professional Agriculture High School.

These words became the motto of our campaign for donation of software solutions with the brand Microinvest  in specialized educational institutions, vocational schools and universities. The purpose of this campaign - to assist in the training of future professionals: cashiers, waiters, accountants, managers, and executives.

Microinvest donates the following software applications:

If you think that your institution would like to be part of this campaign, please contact us at marketing@microinvest.net and we will connect you with our local representative.

And remember - "Success is when you can change the world. Even a little. Just you with your will. "


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