Thanks to the research and design effort of our team, a synchronized connection between POS software and video surveillance software was achieved for the first time in Bulgaria.

How does our system work?

In every store, restaurant or retail chain, the system for automation of selling and commercial activities and the system for video surveillance work simultaneously, yet, in most cases, without being able to synchronically communicate with each other. Microinvest has managed to combine these systems in their core essence, namely their controlling part, in order to provide a fully optimized comprehensive solution for your business. One of the main aspects of the direct communication achieved between the two systems is the ability of the commercial software to send every performed activity to the video surveillance software, which displays the received data as subtitles for the operations, which are being video-monitored. Thus, not only are the actions and behavior of the personnel recorded, but also additional information, such as quantities, prices, discounts and special operations (deleting (void), change giving) related to products, is recorded. As an effect, the possibility of a barcode being fraudulently replaced, or certain products being scanned, deleted and then fraudulently replaced with the codes of cheaper ones, is completely eliminated. What is more, each and every moment when a given product was sold can be easily re-viewed in the system records if there is a need to track missing products or check for potential fraud.

This innovative commercial-video surveillance integration system is realized through Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. For this purpose, the huge potential of Geovision plates and their standard software are used. Our system is capable of transmitting data through RS232 or through LAN, as ensuring reliability and full protection at a maximum level is among our company’s top priorities.

Further information:

Further information concerning the implementation process and the necessary preparation for installation of the product can be obtained by the official offices of Microinvest.

Video Surveillance Integration

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