Microinvest Warehouse Pro
Back office software product for inventory management of supermarkets, warehouses and retail establishments
Version Date
3.07.070 08.04.2024
Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light
Software product which optimizes the workplaces of waiters and bartenders
Version Date
3.07.082 08.04.2024
Microinvest Restaurant
Modern application for automation of bar, restaurant, club and cafeteria based on Android platform
Version Date Price for 1 license
3.07.17 04.04.2023 Subscription
Microinvest Order Assistant for Anroid
Application for management of the orders in the kitchen in every restaurant, especially optimized for devices with Android OS
Version Date
3.07.003 13.11.2013
Microinvest Waiter Assistant for Android
Modern application based on Android platform designed to optimize cafe, bar and restaurant waiters’ daily activities
Version Date Price for 1 license
3.07.001 08.05.2014 Subscription
Microinvest Billiards Pro
Software for management of the billiard clubs and gyms
Version Date
3.07.016 18.01.2023
Microinvest eMenuPro
An innovative system for electronic ordering
Version Date
3.07.020 29.04.2014
Microinvest Order Assistant
Software product that optimizes chef work in the kitchen
Version Date Price for 1 license
3.07.008 09.07.2015 Free
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