Microinvest Order Assistant for Android
Size: 1 MB
Date: 13.11.2013
Version: 3.07.003

 Microinvest Order Assistant for Android is an application designed to optimize restaurant kitchen personnel activities in taking and processing orders. The application visualizes all the orders created in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light Restaurant and provides information about the included items. The product allows waiters to be notified as soon as the dishes are prepared.

The advantages which Microinvest Order Assistant for Android gives you are:

  • The app accelerates the process of accepting and fulfilling orders in the kitchen;
  • Intuitive interface, easy to learn and accessible to every user;
  • Optimization of the time for service by ensuring minimal processing time for an operation;
  • Low system requirements for the hardware device and compatibility with a wide range of Android devices;
  • Multi-language support, easy to translate to another language;
  • Adaptable to customer’s or software company requirements; 

 Microinvest DataCollector for Android

Download the app now! Test it with real database for FREE! Exploire the settings and add benefits to your business with Microinvest Order Assistant for Android!

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