Microinvest eMenuPro
Size: 54 MB
Date: 29.04.2014
Version: 3.07.020

Microinvest eMenu Pro is an innovative POS (Point of Sale) software product offering a modern, fast and interactive service in bars, clubs and restaurants. Installed on a mobile or stationary devices for each table in a restaurant, Microinvest eMenu Pro can be used as an interactive electronic menu, completely replacing its paper analogue. With its help, through pictures and descriptions, customers can choose their desired food and beverage ordering.

With Microinvest eMenu Pro, you can tag, process and forward orders received in real time, thereby optimizing your customer service. In terms of functionality, Microinvest eMenu Pro is an extension of Microinvest Warehouse Pro and a complementary to Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, which makes it the perfect addition to a comprehensive POS system for professional and modern service.

Microinvest eMenu Pro has the following key features:

  • Possibility for adding pictures and description to each item; 
  • Easy and quick selection of type and quantity of an item;
  • Possibility of editing each transaction;
  • Different skins and color design;
  • Web technology and performance without Flash;
  • Possibility of dynamic or static selection table;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Classifying users into different categories (e.g. VIP client service users etc.)
  • Rapid configuration and settings;
  • Connecting and printing from different types of peripherals (fiscal printers, kitchen printers, video displays etc.)
  • Access control via predefined unique usernames and passwords;
  • Minimum hardware requirements for equipment;
  • Fully compatible with the databases of Microinvest Warehouse Pro.


Explore and test the demo version of the product as a website and installed hardware. To Login into Microinvest, use password 1.

  Microinvest eMenu Pro 1  Microinvest eMenu Pro 2

  Microinvest eMenu Pro Black Skin  Microinvest eMenu Pro 4

  Microinvest eMenu Pro 5  Microinvest eMenu Pro Green Skin 

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