- Optimization of SQL requests
- Digital Board – removed automatic image rotation
- Fixed inconsistency in eCatalog
- The application has completely new layout – design and vision. The buttons for choice of client, table/object, order view are significantly much bigger for easy and fast access. Optimized is the list with the products to show more items on a screen.
- Removed is the setting for screen width. The application fits to a random screen width.
- Choice of visual style is available from the tablet as well as some new color schemes.
- The setting is removed the mode “Restaurant without option for placing an order”. When there is no user logged in, the app is running in this mode. This allows customers to use the tablet with administration as an electronic menu, and later a waiter to log in and complete the order.
- When choosing a table, in the table list are marked those who have orders.
- In "Retail Mode" when adding a comment, the items are not separated on new rows.
- Added a limit for a user to view only a particular group/ tables/objects.
Added new language: Romanian
- Microinvest eStatistics Pro - added a new module for graphical analysis. The module can be accessed at: http://localhost/eMenuPro/reports.php
- Microinvest eCatalog – added new module, which enables very easy integration between exciting public web site and Microinvest eMenu Pro in a way that in the public web site will be visualized the product groups and the products from Microinvest Warehouse Pro database, using the same descriptions and pictures as in Microinvest eMenu Pro.
- Fixed inconsistencies when working with MySQL 5.5

1. Digital Board – the module gives you the opportunity to create your own presentations of the products you offer only in few minutes
2. Completely new design and layout of the administrative panel.
3. New functionality for manual ordering of items’ group.
4. New functionality for manual ordering of items according to customer’s will.
5. Added language selection option in the administrative panel.
6. All data, except the pictures, are recorded in additional tables in Microinvest Warehouse Pro database.
7. Improvement in the licensing procedure of Microinvest eMenu Pro
8. Improved system for messages and additional notes.
Optimization in the printing of non-fiscal receipts.
1. In mode "Restaurant menu" are displayed the goods that are marked as "Often used"
2. Functionality added - to the order can be add comments (For example: no salt, no spices etc.). For this purpose in the Administrator's panel have to be created a list of the possible comments for choosing.
1. Added functinality for sorting the list of goods.
2. Posibility to sort the goods by name, code and price.
1. Optimising the settings for login by card number (only numbers used)
2. Ability to choose whether to print intermediate client note
3. Added functionality to select where to print a receipt
4. Possibility to have a choice of PrintServer for each category of goods.
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