Microinvest Order Assistant
Size: 40 MB
Date: 09.07.2015
Version: 3.07.008

Microinvest Order Assistant is a software  application that optimizes the work in the kitchen of restaurants, pizzerias, fast food and coffee shops. The software's main functionality is the management of all orders in the kitchen - adding a new order to a waiting list, updating recipе details and monitoring the status of orders. All this information is visualized on a monitor, which makes the communication between the waiter and the chef much easier and faster.

Key features:

  • Monitoring of incoming orders through a screen, not a printer.
  • Working in real time.
  • Displaying the exact time of the order incoming.    
  • Displaying the content of the order.
  • Distribution of orders by waiters as they were put in.
  • Distribution of orders by tables.
  • Possibility to view individual orders from the list.
  • Possibility to remove a specific order from the list.
  • Possibility to save all order details after the waiter has taken it.

 Microinvest Order Assistant 1  Microinvest Order Assistant 2

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