1. Added: configuration choosing - 4x2, 4x1, 3x1 if you are working with visual style 2 (UDP or TCP).
2. Quick orders’ remove in Style 2 (UDP or TCP).
3. Added: new visual style during direct work with the database.
4. Prices remove in Style 2 (UDP or TCP).
1. New visual style in UDP and IM mode.
2. Option for receiving data as a pole display from Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light.
3. Optimization in the communication by UDP, IM.
4. Synchronization of the version of Device Manager.dll.
1. New visual style
2. Added setting for format of quantities
3. Optimization in the interface of visual style 2
4. Possibility for tracking items from all orders at the same time
5. Decreasing the time for refreshing the data in visual style 2
6. When having an item with long name or comment, the program automatically increase the row height so that all will be visible
7. Automatic column width for formatting according to quantity.
8. Possibility of alternative change of the column “Time”: during performance of the contract; passed time.

1. Improved Device Manager.
2. Synchronization of all countries with those in Light.
3. New skin - Bordo.
1. Work with version 1.02.008 of DeviceManager.dll
1. Focus on the new orders
1. Added options modul
2. Supports color schemes
3. Supporting the following languages: Bulgarian, English, English(US), Russian, German, Romanian, Spanish,Turkish
4. Maintenance for all countries from Warehouse Pro Light
5. Method of communication on UPD protocol
6. Method of communication on TCP protocol (Instant messaging)
7. Method of communication via direct access to the
8. Saving received messages and recovery after a possible restart of the program (UDP, TCP)
9. Working with every resolution higher or equal to 800x600
10. Added button to exit of the program
11. Added button to identify and change the user when working with direct access to the database
12. Added buttons to move up and down the table when working with direct access to the database
13. Added “Help” – analogic to this in Warehouse Pro Light
14. Ability to access all the functions working with TouchScreen or with keybord
15. Automatic locking when workin with direct access to the database
16. Option “Assisstant “ to show help text when passing over the buttons
17. Option to complete order of goods (or entire order at once) working with direct access to the database
18.Opportunity to set a password for access to he options working on UDP or TCP
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