Microinvest Feedback
Size: 1 MB
Date: 03.11.2013
Version: 3.07.003

Microinvest Feedback is a modern system for customer evaluation of service quality. The clients of a shop will be able to express their contentment with the provided services using a device with Microinvest Feedback software, which is placed at the exit of the shop. The system allows thorough monitoring of sale assistants’ work and achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Microinvest Feedback garners clients‘ votes and sorts them into 3 categories:
        • Positive feedback;
        • Neutral feedback;
        • Negative feedback.

Via integrated database, Microinvest Feedback saves the exact moment of the vote and generates reports for the number of the votes by operators, shifts, dates and exact hour. The system generates coefficients and the user receives an overview of the satisfaction level.

 Microinvest Feedback

Download the app now! Exploire the settings and add benefits to your business with Microinvest Feedback for Android!

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