Microinvest Склад Pro Data Collector
Size: 14 MB
Date: 15.04.2021
Version: 3.07.018

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Data Collector is an additional module to Microinvest Warehouse Pro. The application allows you to generate operations in Microinvest Warehouse Pro from barcodes, collected in advance with a terminal Data Collector device.

The software application is very useful for performing operations with a large numbers of items. The module is fully integrated with Microinvest Warehouse Pro, and can be started as a menu in Microinvest Warehouse Pro, or as a single application.

The main functions of Microinvest  Warehouse Pro Data Collector are:

  1. Support for the following operations:
    • Delivery;
    • Sale;
    • Revision;
    • Transfer ;
    • Display;
    • Returns;
  2. Full integration with Microinvest Warehouse Pro, using the same settings and user security.
  3. Working with mass barcodes.
  4. Using barcodes in the second unit.
  5. Full support of price groups and price differentiation.
  6. Numbering of documents by objects.
  7. Working with discounts. A discount can be set on, each line of operation, taking into the account, the redefined discount partner and the maximum discount for the current user.
  8. The following devices are supported:
    • Symbol CS1504
    • Unitech HT630
    • Zebex PDL-20
    • Casio DT-930
    • CipherLAB CPT-711
    • CipherLAB 8000/8001
    • Opticon PHL2700
    • Opticon OPL9728
    • Opticon OPH1004 
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