1. Changed the rounding for Belarus.
2. Support of excise barcodes (for Russia).
3. Possibility to specify groups of goods for export.
4. Possibility to specify the order of uploading fields to export (except uploading to the device).
5. Possibility to change the quatity in the preview.
6. Possibility to remove the position for import in the preview.
7. Possibility of exporting the items to the file with encoding and delimiter by choice.
8. Upload of items with multiple barcodes in a line for each barcode. Modified to correctly boot in the PDT.
9. Automatic creation of items in your database when importing data from PDT.
10. Communication with Microinvest services to request the name of the goods by barcodes.
11. Exporting of items directly to devices Mindeo 3590 (ScanCity) and CipherLab 8300 (ScanCode).
12. Support of CipherLab 8200 (ScanCity).
13. Scalability the main application window.
14. Change of application interface design.
15. Notification when you enter non-numeric values.
1. Added processing of weight barcodes in Goods export from the database.
1. Added new button for export of goods and saving it into a file.
2. Added functionality for choosing a COM port number from 1 to 50.
1. Connectivity issue with a mobile terminal Casio DT930 was resolved
1. Added maintenance of a mobile terminal CipherLAB 8000/8001 - type 1 that reads data in 4 columns.
2. Added maintenance of mobile terminal CipherLAB 8000/8001 - type 2 that reads data in 2 columns.
3. Added a Romanian translation of the application.
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