Microinvest Склад Pro Web
Size: 50 MB
Date: 04.05.2017
Version: 3.07.035

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Web interface is a centralized module that manages items kept in stock. Through a predefined Web address, you and your clients have the opportunity to remotely operate the database of your company.

The program features cover the following parameters:

  •  Access to the database from every point of the world;
  •  Data protection through username and password;
  •  Centralized control of the access and databases;
  •  Compatibility with all operating systems;
  •  No system requirements;
  •  Support of huge nomenclatures and operations;
  •  Tree-structured nomenclatures;
  •  Compatible interface and well-known visual style;
  •  Distributed network topology, remote access and synchronization; 
  •  The client sets the sequence of the operations;
  • Operations with: 
      Lots and serial numbers; 
  • The program keeps track of: 
      Serial numbers; 
      Warranty cards.
  • Printing of standard documents.
  • A vast number of reports. 

To test the program in real time, you can visit our public server http://server.microinvest.net/en/

Choose one of the following names and passwords:

Name Password
Ivan Ivanov 1111
Georgi Georgiev 2222
Dimitar Dimitrov 3333
Yordan Yordanov 4444

As you can see, the system keeps track of  users, and if someone works at the moment and his/her username is busy, it is not possible for another user to activate the same session. Therefore, if you see this message, please select another username.

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