1. Correct of the operation stock-taking.
2. Correct of the operations return on consignment, sales on consignment.
3. Correct of payment and advance payment
4. Correction of the translation for Russia.
5. Fixed licensing at the end of the demo period for Russia.
1. Payment in advance;
2. Referance Payment in advance;
3. Repeated pint with the new technology for defining set of documents to the operation (Print Center ) + visual styles;
4. Calendar for changing the current date(Menu Others/Calendar).
1. Added parameter Build Date in window Help/About the program
2. Added parameter Number of job places in the window Help/About the program;
3. Operation Reclamation;
4. Added Debit notice, Credit notice, Reclamation in modul Transformation of documents.
1. Change in the logic of generating serial numbers and licensing.
2. Demo mode
3. Interdiction to to change the delivery price .
4. Functionality improved in payment Reporting on consignment.
5. Added validation of the clients discount.
1. Improved logic for document printing – optimized releasing the resources after generating of Crystal documents;
2. Form for active users removal with restricted access by IP - LoggedUsersReport.aspx;
3. New logic to dismiss occupied sessions (work places). Setting via parameter SessionTimeout in web.config.
1. Loading the settings (app.config) from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microinvest\Warehouse Pro\;
2. Moving the log file to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microinvest\Warehouse Pro\Microinvest Warehouse.exe.log;
3.Support for customer reports with new technology;
4. New technology for localising;
5. Fuctionality improved during license transfer.
6. Support the database 3.07.
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