Microinvest Склад Pro Mobile
Size: 32 MB
Date: 15.04.2015
Version: 3.07.052

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Mobile follows the modern trends in the field of small and middle-size businesses and grants a wide choice of solutions for expansion, automatization and acceleration of your business, everywhere and at any time. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Mobile is an extension of the well-known Microinvest Warehouse Pro and is designed to operate with devices using a Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. 

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Mobile can be used for delivery of goods, stock-taking on big warehouses, and can also act as a portable personal terminal for sales, orders and control of the supplies in the office. The software supports all contemporary technologies of wireless connection with a distant server which makes it the best possible choice of a functional work-scheme for each client.

The main modules of the software are:

  •      Sales;
  •      Deliveries and supplies;
  •      Stock-taking;
  •      Orders;
  •      Lot sales;
  •      Document issuing and invoicing from mobile printer devices;
  •      Wireless printing, based on the Infrared technology;
  •      Well-known and practical interface;
  •      Quick search of items in large nomenclatures;
  •      Support of barcode scanner devices;
  •      Work in offline and online mode;
  •      Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS, USB connection;
  •      Compatibility with the Microinvest Warehouse Pro database;
  •      Different levels of access to the system;
  •      Operations with different objects;
  •      Tree structures of the nomenclatures.

         Warehouse Pro Mobile 1  Warehouse Pro Mobile 2  Warehouse Pro Mobile 3

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