1. Improved functionality - optimized algorithm for adding a product read with a barcode reader. The speed was increased 4-times.
2. New functionality - when printing new stock receipt except the name of the partner, it is printed also and the city, the address and the contact person (if the data is available in the system).
3. Improved - for printers Datecs FMP10KL, Tremol FP07 and Datecs BL-112 might be selected the type of the connection
(Bluetooth or some of the COM ports). When selecting a Bluetooth the print works as before (create virtual com port, but this operation is depending from the BluetoothStack of the device)
4. Fixed problem - when saving an operation it is possible to press the OK button few times and in this way the operation can be duplicated.
1. New functionality – customizable title of the document “Stock receipt”
2. Optimized functionality – In case of selecting the items for an operation “Order”, the default quantity is 1 and in case of changing the item, the quantity returns to 1
1. Optimized functionality "Reclamation"
2. Ability to carry out operation” Order" from warehouse in which goods are not available
3. Added new functionality - Support of the Greek language
1. Optimization to LotID when performing more than one operation without synchronization
2. Improved functionality when combining identical goods in operation "Order"
3. Improved functionality - Optimization of synchronization
1. Added support for HP Officejet printer 100a
1. Improved functionality when combining goods trough keyboard combination (CTRL + M)
2. Optimized work with the initial shape in devices with resolution greater than 320x240 after exiting settings
3. New functionality – in module “Payment” is added filter by client and field with an obligation to the client
4. Improved positioning of setting "Use default quantities" in WindowsCE
5. New functionality - in module 'Orders' when reading goods with bar code reader is also read and batch production date, expiry date, location and serial number. Thus gets easier transfer from storage in a warehouse in the Warehouse Pro
6.New functionality - Quick reclamation (Mixed sale).
7. Optimized synchronization process.When setting a date after 31.12.2078, the date changes automatically to 01.01.2079.
8. New functionality - In the menu "Orders" when reading bar code reader with recorded lots, serial number, time and date of manufacture are saved.
9. New functionality - saving of the operation. The new functionality works in modules "Sales", "Debit Memo", "Credit note", "Return" and "Orders". When an operation is started but not completed successfully the program can restore the work .
10. A problem with printing receipts is fixed (sales and reclamation).
11. Improved functionality – printing invoices.
12. New functionality – when printing the batch, the expiry date /if any/ is also printed.
13. Optimization of the process of issuing Z reports with FMP10-KL.
14. Improved functionality with barcode scanning.
1. Improved functionality when synchronizing.
2. Optimized work with printer Datex FP-10KL.
3. Added functionality for arithmetic formulas in three fields (quantity and price in the form to select a product and quantity in the form of lots for selection).
4. MB_CONFIRM_DELETION message changed from "Are you sure you want to delete this item from the sale?" to "Are you sure you want to delete this item?" due to the overlap in the form of supply.
5. Optimized functionality while adding products with barcode reader - accurate reporting of availability.
6. Added setting "Use default quantities".
7. Improved functionality when using the "Merge identical goods".
8. Added a new setting "Print Invoice". This option is available when the alternative method of calculation is not used.
1. Improved functionality for integration of goods with shortcut 'ctrl + m' in the windows for sale, delivery and orders.
2. Optimizing the implementation of the price rules associated with disregard for the good of the group, scanned with a barcode reader.
3. Optimization for working with barcode reader
4. Improved printing for payment documents from A4 printer
5. Reporting the price of an object group when working with barcode reader
6. Compatibility of FP07 and devices with Microsoft Stack installed
1. Added option to change the selling price in the supply operation
2. Added option for not charging VAT by key combination Ctrl + D
1. Added support for fiscal printer Tremol FP07
2. Added setting for site registration
3. Optimized transfer of old debts for documents with numbers above 1000000000
1. Optimized Functionality when choosing the price of goods when switching panel groups
2. Added the ability to search for partner trough his/her card number
3. A field for discount of the document in operation “Order” is added.
4. An invoice can be printed when paying old debt.
5. There is a check added, which does not allow liability to be paid on a date earlier than the date of the debt itself.
6. Improved functionality when printing non-fiscal invoice for payment (the copies are printed as originals).
7. Optimization for reprinting fiscal invoices
8. Improved functionality when creating / editing a partner trough mobile device and establishing clients’ price group to "last sale price".
9. Optimization included when order is made and included mark- "pooling of identical goods"
10. Correct application of the pricing rules in order
11. Optimized work with barcode scanner revision using Symbol barcode reader and after that a product is added.
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