Microinvest Склад Pro Phone Manager
Size: 6 MB
Date: 27.07.2020
Version: 3.07.102

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone Manager is a module for centralized management of distributed network of mobile retailers. With this product any mobile device with installed Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone exchanges data for the accomplished operations and communicates with a central data base and Microinvest Warehouse Pro (the back office). Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone Manager gives the opportunity for observation of the activity of each operator, records the time of the conducted sessions and centrally determines the licenses of the active users. One of the advantages of the product is the opportunity to monitor the activity, status and the work of each operator by providing information about the following parameters:

  1. Name of the device (the operator), model and manufacturer;
  2. Regime of work – On-Line or Off-Line;
  3. Last synchronization and a list of the previous synchronizations;
  4. Volume of the operations, information for the serial numbers of the documents and other manager information.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone Manager provides automated installation and manages the work of the Windows Server of the entire complex. Through this product the setting for choice of base, users and passwords are being made. The centralized management helps for the creation of the whole picture of the data flows and the functionality of the network of mobile retailers.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone Manager works together with Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone. The two products are separate elements (stationary and mobile) for a comprehensive management system of the sales representatives.

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