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Billiards ClubsSoftware for Billiards Clubs

The automation of billiards clubs and gaming halls requires complex solutions, with which all the key processes regarding the availability of billiards tables and gaming equipment can be traced. Microinvest offers a comprehensive system for administration of billiards clubs and gaming halls. Our optimized software solutions allow for reporting and monitoring the time of using of billiards tables, enable automatic switching on and off of the lighting over the billiard tables or other electrical appliances, and provide options for generating selling reports and system inquiries. Our software product Microinvest Billiards Pro, in addition to the special controller, also developed by Microinvest, will help you improve the quality of service in your billiards club, minimize opportunities for abuses and ensure the safety of both your customers and your personnel. The system works together with Microinvest Warehouse Pro, which allows the orders to include items from the standard menu. What is more, our software allows for facilitated central management and the generation of multiple profitability and efficiency reports. With Microinvest Billiards Pro, you can automatically keep track of discounts and preferential terms for regular customers, as well as simultaneously manage up to 8 separate tables. Reporting sales of additional items and other goods is facilitated, and reporting of revenue is made easy and accurate.



Bowling ClubsSoftware for Bowling Clubs

Microinvest offers software for the management of all processes within a bowling club. The solutions of Microinvest for bowling feature a rich functionality and allow for the management of all major business activities. By using Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light you are able to manage bookings, monitor the occupation of tables and rooms and track orders and their status using a visualized scheme of the club hall. Using the product Microinvest Warehouse Pro, and the special controller developed by Microinvest, operators can automatically switch on and off lights over bowling tracks. Our software solutions allow you to set discounts and preferential terms for regular customers, organize payments specific for gaming activities or create and control combined accounts, including additional items. Accountability and control of the activities of your staff, made easy by our program solution, provide you with an overview of your bowling club, allowing you to take the right managerial decisions. You can take advantage of graphical reports via which you can obtain timely information about the top products, top performing staff and workload of workstations during different time periods in order to allocate your resources properly and efficiently.



SPA CentersSoftware for SPA Centers

Microinvest offer software solutions suitable for automation and management of SPA centers, which enable special and personal attention to every customer. You have the opportunity to control the activity of each employee, his/her working schedule and his/her workload. Thus, you will be able to determine our personnel’s individual access rights to the software system. Using Microinvest Warehouse Pro, you can organize your customers into different groups - regular, VIP and more - and set different price levels and discounts for each of them. You can offer the visitors of your SPA special client cards in order to track their bookings quickly and accurately through Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. Microinvest Warehouse Pro and Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light are solutions suitable for both small and large SPAs with many customers, facing the necessity of processing numerous operations daily. Our advantage is that you can take orders, including not only directly related to the SPA, but also related to additional services and products. Using the software solution of Microinvest, you will be able to track expended materials, to plan future procurement, optimize costs and to organize the pricelists of services and products.


Gym CentersSoftware for Gym Centers

The software solution of Microinvest for gym halls features a rich functionality and the ability for constant upgrading and development according to the arising needs and requirements of your business. You will increase the efficiency of your staff and improve using customer service, using the correct software. Such software product is Microinvest Warehouse Pro, which can organize all the information about customers, partners and staff. The system will facilitate monitoring of the price list of various services and products you offer, allowing you to take advantage of various reports to evaluate the performance of your business. We offer you the freedom to control your business remotely via Microinvest Warehouse Pro Web and monitor all operations carried out by staff in real time using the implemented integration of commercial software with video surveillance system. Customer satisfaction will be achieved with personal attention to every client presenting him/her with your gym club client card or with a special discount card that can be processed automatically by your software system. You can easily add new services and products or correct existing information. On the overall, you will manage to effectively track and combine multiple operations or simply have a comprehensive view of what is happening in your gym.


Beauty SaloonsSoftware for Beauty Saloons

With the software products of Microinvest you can offer customers in your beauty salon modern and professional services. Microinvest Warehouse Pro and Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light will optimize and improve the performance in your saloon, giving you full control over the communication process with clients. Along with this, you will be able to closely monitor the workflow and manage your resources in the most optimal way. We offer you the opportunity to win many new satisfied customers and turn current into permanent by creating a precise schedule of bookings, easily managing individual bonuses and preferential price terms and organizing customers into different groups according to their needs, preferences and attendance rate - e.g. Regular, VIPs, etc. You can take advantage of the options features for accurate visualization of jobs in the saloon, allowing a single view to track their employment at any time, including the reservations that are processed. Our high-quality Microinvest software, suitable for beauty salons, offers plenty of visual references and reports, which enable you to easily track the use of materials, the schedule of your staff, the price list of services, the workload of each employee and the productiveness of each department.



PlaygroundsSoftware for Playgrounds

The management of a playground requires attention to every detail. Payments, separation of accounts and different ways to automate pricing efficiently represent only a few of the numerous features that you can take advantage of using Microinvest Warehouse Pro and Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. In addition, combining several types of payment (cash, card, etc.), added to separate accounts of various products and services are just some of the opportunities that you get with the choice of software solutions from Microinvest. The video surveillance, integrable within our commercial software, enhances the control over your staff and improves security. Client cards with preferences and other preferential discounts are another opportunity to attract new customers and keep current – a feature that our software readily provides optimization for. The rich set of reports and statements provided by our software solution allows you to monitor the workload of staff and work schedule to better utilize existing resources and plan costs. Other advantages are the simplicity of use with software Microinvest, easy installation, high level of protection of data and adaptation to any individually set model of functioning of your playground. All of the solutions possess an intuitive interface and you can start working with them immediately after their implementation.


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