Microinvest Архиватор Pro
Size: 17 MB
Date: 29.05.2024
Version: 4.00.105

Microinvest Archi Pro is an automatic archive software system, compatible with all Microinvest products.
The main features of the software include: 
1. Periodical archive records can be made at the database:     

  • Every hour (hourly);
  • Every day (daily);
  • Every week (weekly);
  • Every month (monthly).

2. The software itself keeps an archive history :

  • For the last day (days);
  • For the last week (weeks);
  • For the last month (months).

3. Possibility of choosing a specific archive, which you want to review from the archive history. 

A valuable function of the software is the option of maintaining a sophisticated archive, which gives the user an opportunity to create direct archives on USB Flash devices or archives to be done from a remote server, so the information will be protected even if a hardware problem occurs.
The program works in background mode without overloading the system and without any visual interface. Our experience shows that by using this additional software, our clients work more easily because they are safe from losing any crucial business information.

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