1. Windows 11 compatibility.
2. SMO is replaced by native environment.
3. .NET Framework 2 prerequisite was dropped.
4. All current SQL versions are supported.
5. Improved system services management.
6. Added possibility to send emails with archive results.
1.A new technology for loading the program as a system service and visual application has been introduced.
2.Start the process of archiving without the need for user login.
3.Compatible with all Windows 10 versions.
4.New features for database optimization and database repair in tools section.
5.Support for cloud data archiving via TLS 2.0.
Archi Pro 4.00.059
1. Add functionality for cloud arhive
2. An option to stop archiving at the moment when it is done.
3. English by default. When a translation for a selected language is missing, an English translation appears.
4. English translation update.
5. Log entry when deleting MS SQL Server databases.
6. Fixed bug - error when setting max number archives and a server with a lot of bases.
7. Fixed bug - error when restore database in directory whitout permissions.
8. Fixed bug - error when restore database after arhive this database.
9. Fixed bug - error when restore database from ".bak" file in remote MSSQL server.
10. Ability to archive after expired demo version and out of date archiver
1. Optimization when working with a large number of databases.
2. Displaying of English text when there is no translation for the selected language.
3. Fixed bug during the checking the registration number while updating.
1. Added checkbox "Restore in copy".
2. Starting Microinvest Archi Pro at Windows startup.
3. Optimized function restore the database.
4. Optimized function restore the database for Dump file.
5. Optimized function delete the database.
6. Optimization for working at Turkish with MySQL.
7. Optimization in section "Actions". Added new messages.
1. Improved the mechanism for deleting the folder while backup.
2. Changed the location and name of the event log file - %ProgramData%\Microinvest\Archi Pro\Actions.Log.
3. Added possibility to archive in the cloud (pCloud or other) of the generated copies of receipts and X/Z report in pdf format.
4. Added possibility to choose a recovery mode as a new copy or on an existing base.
5. In the folder for copying the archived files, also the archived receipts are placed.
6. Refreshing the database list in the 'Tools' section when you change the server.
7. Displaying a status message (result) when pressing the "Repair" button.
8. Recognizing Hotel Pro databases. When opening such database, the name of the product is displayed.
9. When the program starts, no cloud upload of files are made and an 'Archive on pCloud' checkbox is missing until a valid username and password are entered.
10. Translation corrections in the 'Tools' section.
1. Added Turkish language.
2. Added German language.
3. Added English language in the registration form in pCloud.
4. Added Russian language in the registration form in pCloud.
Upload backups in pCloud
The program can be automatically started on the following operating systems:
- Windows 7
- Windows 8
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 10

1. Automatic backups on USB flash drive.
2. Increased size of the program`s main window.
- Added: Option for automatic cleanup of the .log file after the database’s back up has been done;
- Added: More information is visualized during the backup process. In addition to the backing up progress rate, now you can see an index showing the current and the total number of databases to be backed up;
- Added: Automatic start of the backup process, when specific USB devices are connected to the system;
- Added: Database’ recovery option;
- Added: Database’ deletion option;
- Added: Tree view of the Databases’ archives during the database restore process;
- Added: Option for automatic backups of new databases;
- Added: Warning message for all cases in which the database’s backup can’t be restored due to server’s version differences;
- Added: Optimization of warning messages and errors for invalid configuration data;
Other minor optimizations, fixes and improvements.
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