Microinvest offers remote access services to its clients and partners!


  • Response time – within a few minutes;

  • Easy communication – just be online;

  • Support desk team - fast and professional.

The remote access service is done by using a special program product that is free. This product enables our support team to look into the desktop of your PC remotely and perform the necessary operations in order to fix any pending problem.

Work flow:

Download the program from here. In the dialogue form that will be open choose Open instead of Save. Thus, you will be able to start the product without performing any installation!
After starting the application, a special window will be displayed. Please enter a code for connection. You are going to receive this code by the phone, by the consultant who is serving you.

Download remote app

After establishing the connection, the consultant will ask you to allow him/her access your desktop. The session could start after your confirmation. In some cases, in order to allow a remote access to your desktop to our consultants, you will have the press the keyboard button F12.

Avail yourself of this support system – it provides you the swiftest and most elegant way of fixing any problems, as well as the lowest rate of service charge offered by Microinvest. This is beneficial both for you and us – you save your money and we – our time for traveling to your office.


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