Microinvest Електронен магазин
Size: 86 MB
Date: 01.06.2016
Version: 3.07.042

Microinvest  eCommerce  is the newest shopping cart software.

It is a turnkey solution for e-commerce - all the tools you need in one place. You can create your store, load objects and begin to work just for one day.

The e-commerce is integrated with all Microinvest POS software solutions and automates all business processes.

If you choose Microinvest eCommerce, you can improve your web site: add different pages such as About Us, Contact, etc. The available SEO-optimization tools allows you to create your own website answering to your personal business needs without any knowledge of WEB-design.

With Microinvest eCommerce you can:

  • Prepare a simple and affordable solution for online trading;
  • Easy and convenient administration;
  • Fully automatic integration with Microinvest Warehouse Pro;
  • Ability to upload product images directly to the store;
  • A fully functional demo version that you can try out on your own computer;
  • Notification of a new order by email;
  • The ability to create multiple users with different access rights;
  • One product is for use of all the possibilities of online commerce;
  • A beautiful and easy-to-use platform for shopping;
  • Transparent and clear presentation of products;
  • The ease and convenience of ordering.

A test version of the Microinvest eCommerce: http://demo.microinvest.net/


Microinvest eCommerce Shopping Cart Software 

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