1. New design of the layout;
2. Payments with PayPal;
3. Payments upon delivery;
5. System for management of the menu;
6. System for management of baners;
7. New report system;
8. Defining the status of an order;
9. Users with different from Microinvest Warehouse Pro rights (2 defined roles: User and Administrator);
10. Supported databases are MSSQL Server, MSSQL Express;
11. Compatible with Internet Information Server versions 6.0, 7.0, 7.5. Not supported - Windows XP (IIS 5)
1. Settings for hiding the columns in the tables with the products
2. Added sorting by columns in the table with goods
3. Optimising the functionality of the deleting an image in section Gallery ( in Admin panel)
1. Added Functionality - Registration of users;
2. Ability to asociate users to partners;
3. Added Functionality - Setting discounts based on price category of the partners;
1. Added a new method for product licensing
2. Ability to delete and add a license on domain level;
1. Added a modul allowing the use of banners;
2. Improved design and functionality of the menu Groups of goods;
3. Added new regime of visualisation of the products alternative to the tabular.
4. Added a new regime for visualisation of the shopping cart;
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