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More than 15 years ago Microinvest started its international development and today we are claiming that our products are distinguishable brand for excellent business solution on the world’s software market. As we walked a long way of self-improvement and growth during that period, we proved that we are a loyal and preferable partner of different companies all over the world. Our company is a member of the leading ones on the international markets, we are supplying, because we are counting on modern technologies, specially elaborated politics for providing a reliable support and open partnership program. 

What we have achieved in our international development so far:

  • Successful partnership with more than 400 international partners;
  • Microinvest software installed and used in more than 22 countries on 5 continents;
  • Software translated into 15 languages;
  • More than 45 000 installations and satisfied clients all over the world.

International development Microinvest

We are looking for new international partners and contacts

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We are developing on new markets and we are searching for new friends! We are seeking for touch with people and companies which can assist us with building and growing a partners network in the country they are situated by the moment. If you are considering that you are the right person, you have a friend or a relative abroad, interested in IT field and not only… send us a short resume on e-mail: or you can reach us on SKYPE: , so we can discuss if we can be each other of help and how. We believe that everybody have potential. We have knowledge, experience and strategy for developing a given market. What we are expecting of you to be enthusiastic and active in what we are doing.


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What we offer:


  • Individual working scheme considering the demands and availability of each partner.
  • Possibility for starting  independent business in the field of selling and supporting hardware and software with profit.
  • Expanding the portfolio of the supplied products and services with up-to-date ready-to-use computer systems and peripheral devices with guaranteed quality and competitive rates.
  • Assisting with any marketing and commercial projects for advertising the software products on different markets.
  • Guidelines and strategies for successful development of joint activity.
  • Excellently working automations solutions for any kind of retail shop or restaurant, translated into 15 languages. References for our customers and partners.
  • Provided fast and free of charge maintenance. 

Download and test our fully functional free trial version of software products with the brand Microinvest, used by our customers and partners all over the world! 



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