1. Module Reader/Scanner - Added possibility to select input device.
2. Module 1C v8.2(2.0) Data Exchange KZ - Added possibility of combining retail sales.
3. Added localization for the German.
4. Added possibility to use external dictionaries for translation.
5. Module Import/Export VAT.GOV.BY XML - Export of invoices for Belarus.
6. Module Incotex Mercury ECR Offline - Improvements for EGAIS.
7. Module Warehouse DataExchange - Added import of document type 38.
8. Module OpenCart Import - Added possibility to import promo price.
9. Module OpenCart DataExchange - Added possibility to export promo price, possibility of upload options separately (without control of quantities).
10. Module Import/Export Android - Improvement of import.
11. Module Warehouse Pro SQL Scheduler - added delimiter "enter" (0x0d 0x0a).
12. Module AMC Offline - Offline mode for AMC.
1. Module Uniwell ECR - Аdded a new model of cash register for South Africa (DX Terminals).
2. Module OpenCart Data Exchange - modified, added the ability to update data, the procedure for loading description/s is changed, extended logging in the system.
3. Module 1C v8.2 (2.0) Data Exchange - modified, added a field for the Retail price in the delivery documents.
4. Module InvoRapid Electronic Invoices – change in the document identifier and optimization.
1. 1C 7.7. - exporting the production files in document Acounting report ;optimised report with discounts in prices
2. 1C 8.2. - Added possibiity to localise the file export data for transfer to existing configuration of 1C (realised by the example of 1C 7.7.)
3. Possibility to work in offline and online regime with data from the SD-card working with fiscal device Datecs DP500+, Възможност за работа в офлайн и оналйн режим с данни от SD-карта при работа с фискално устройство Datecs DP500+, payment types report added
4. Updating the driver to work with Mercury 150.3 (Until version 1.1.12)
5. Updating the driver to work with Alfa-400K ( until
6. Romanian language support added
1. Optimization of the reliable data exchange with the fiscal device Kasbi-02MF in online mode
2. Warehouse Data Еxchange: the folders for the incoming and outgoing files can be chosen randomly
3. eFactura: improved method to create an archive for sending an electronic invoices to the clients
4. Improved functionality of receiving information about stock working with Штрих-М-Кассир
5. Added new modul for exchanging documents with NAV
6. Updated modul for synchronisation with version 5.0 of SummerCart.
7. Initialization is optimised with the com-port of the barcode reader
8. Added a modul to execute SQL queries with SQL Scheduler
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