1. The new hardware keys and mini dongles are supported;
2. More than one application instance is allowed to run.
3. Fixed position of some columns in the Print Preview window. Improved readability of column names.
4. Added possibility of printing (through Operations) labels for each line of the operation document separately, including when adding the same product multiple times (several lines). The feature has been added to Microinvest Warehouse Pro - Operations (if the Print barcode labels checkbox is enabled in Options) and to Microinvest Barcode Printer Pro - when selected Document type: Operations.
5. Added possibility of printing of one label for each weight item (with a fractional quantity or with the main unit of measurement kg., gr., t). This option has been added to Microinvest Warehouse Pro - Operations (if the Print barcode labels checkbox is checked in Options) and into Microinvest Barcode Printer Pro - when selected Document type: Operations. The barcode of the weight item generated with its quantity, if the item has a weight mask (weight barcode).
6. Added possibility to Expand the Print Preview window to full screen (same in the Label Design window) with the Enlarge/Reduce buttons or hotkey (Shift+Z).
7. Print only the first barcode if more than one comma-separated barcode is entered into the cell in the Barcode1, Barcode2, or Barcode3 columns.
8. Added new buttons, improved and added new keyboard shortcuts:
- in the "Connection settings" window, when bypassing the fields using the "Tab" button, the first database will be automatically selected in the Database field if you enter the parameters for connecting to the server, otherwise the database specified in the label settings will be selected;
- using the "Up" and "Down" arrows, you can select the base from the drop-down list in the " Connection settings" window;
- added buttons, and the key combination Shift+Z which allows you to increase/decrease the size of the "Label Design" or "Print Preview" window.
- Backspace deletes the value in the "Print Preview" window;
- Enter provides a sequential transition through the forms;
- Tab iterates sequentially through all the options in each form;
- arrows "Left" and "Right" move the cursor over the buttons in all forms.
9. Added the ability to print fractional quantities using the Formula element specified with {qtty}.
10. Improved design of labels for the "Text" and "Formula" elements - now they display the texts/formulas entered in them, and not the element name.
11. Added possibility to print a dynamic image as the only one element on the label.
12. Added visualization of the "Code" column, if the "Dynamic image" element is added (image names are read from the "Code" column).
13. Added barcode printing as text under Barcode 1, 2 and 3 set as Code128 or Universal and printed as Code128 (for barcodes longer than 13 characters).
14. Fixed error adding blank labels when printing.
15. Fast switching between forms and data loading has been stabilized.
16. Improved application performance.
1. Added possibility to set a "Dynamic image" associated with the nomenclature of goods by item code.
2. Created a demo library with pictures for the "Dynamic Image" option.
3. Added a button with possibility to expand the program to full screen at the time of label design.
4. Added protection against zero and negative values of the ratio in the formulas.
5. In the option "Formula" added protection when sending incorrect data.
6. During using the Universal Barcode the software selects the most suitable format: EAN-8, EAN-13 or Code 128, depending on the number of characters.
7. Added possibility to fill in additional fields when connecting to mspos.com: Batch, Serial number, Production date, Expiry date and Location.
8. Expanded the set of generally accepted Signs, such as Fragile, Recyclable, Quality Standards, etc..
9. Expanded technical information in Error.log, in case of problems in the program.
10. Added translation to Ukrainian language.
11. Intelligent installation during updating of product version.
New functions added to the "Formula" element:
- Formula elements enclosed in curly braces are evaluated. Such components, in addition to numbers, can also use elements from the database, which have numerical values (all prices and price groups, transformation ratio (Ratio), quantity (Qtty))
- Added possibility to format the result after calculating the element enclosed in curly braces: set by the format from format0 – to format9 right after opening the curly brace
- The formatting can be set differently for each separate part of the formula {expression}, enclosed in curly braces
- Possibility for the user to enter any text outside the brackets - it prints as specified, the same for all labels
- Double “space” in the text of a formula outside the curly braces sets a new line when printing
- When the divisor is equal to 0 for calculations in the Formula element is divided by 1, not 0
- If the text of the Formula element is not associated with a database, its text content is rendered in design mode (when building a label)
- If the {calculation expression} contains an element related to the base that has no numerical value, the calculation expression will be not calculated, and instead of the non-numerical element its value will be printed from the base for the corresponding item
- For more information, see the Formula Rules
A button is added in Formula editor situated on the right side of the area where the formula is entered. The button opens a link with Formula rules
New functionality is added for Excel DB to work with the Ratio column (Excel client spreadsheets should add it as well)
The “Time” and “Date” elements in the template display the time and date of printing
Added possibility to upload files of different types to the "Picture" element: jpg, bmp, gif
There is new functionality for all text elements: double space in the text sets a line break when printing
Optimized formatting of price/numeric items
The product icon replaces exe icon
А ban entered on re-launching an exe file
Improvement when operating with mstpos.com (Micro. bg): deleted products from more Micro. bg is no longer added to rendered products in Microinvest Barcode Printer Pro
Optimization when working with mstpos.com (Micro. bg): loading all rows marked in the "Selection" column in the Preview
Improved visualization
Fixed issues with printing
Fixed crashes when working with price items
Fixed bug when loading and resizing code, batch, and serial number
Fixed a problem when working with the List and Locator when entering products using a barcode scanner
Fixed issue with Excel database
1. In “Additional” Section a new element has been added: Barcode 2D. It provides additional functionality for generating QR Code, PDF-417 and DataMatrix. In Properties menu of these elements an option to select a column of the item card is given. This information can be used in the chosen Barcode 2D type;
2. Added functionality: Barcodes 2D (QR Code, PDF-417 and DataMatrix) print is user-definable. They can be printed horizontally, vertically or vertically mirror;
Added option: Barcode 2D information for print to be limited by the user to a number of characters set by him (64 characters are set by default);
3. Added new functionality: if a sequence of double interval is called, a new line will be reached. This functionality is valid for: Name, Print Name, Description, Text;
4. Added functionality in www.Micro.bg : the information inserted in “ Name in English” field ( in Microinvest Barcode Printer Pro) is displayed in “ Display name” field ( in www. Micro.bg).
5. Added possibility to create new database in Microsoft Access;
6. The newly created database can be saved in a directory selected by the user, if the preset Database path is valid;
7. Corrected discrepancy in printing, when all items are selected from the database, with a printing preview and with reporting of quantities;
8. Fixed inconsistency when working with MySQL and MariaDB;
9. Visual improvements in the forms;
10. Fixed inaccuracies in Retail Price and Wholesale Price;
11. Corrected discrepancy when a change in some of the price groups is introduced, zero value is returned.
1. Added possibility to work with Lots, in format Code 128.
2. Added possibility to work with Serial numbers, in format Code 128.
3. Added possibility to work with the Code column from the database and print data from it - the "Code" element in the form of a barcode and the "Code" element in the form of text.
4. Improved "Properties" menu for Serial Number, Lot and Code, prompting the user that they are used the Code 128 format.
5. Added functionality for printing barcodes (such as EAN 13, EAN 8, etc.) in the Code 128 format. Set in this way, they are printed without changes and validation.
6. The field for changing maxChars for barcodes, set as Code128, is disabled due to an update of functions: printing values as they are.
7. Improved functionality for printing Barcode 1, Barcode 2 and Barcode 3 as a Universal Barcode. The barcode specified as Universal is printed according to the length of its value: up to 8 characters are printed as EAN 8, from 9 to 13 characters are printed as EAN 13, 14 or more characters are printed as Code 128. For a barcode specified as Universal, which should be printed in EAN 8 or EAN 13 format, a check digit will be validated.
8. Improved work with Excel database and simplified work for the user.
9. Added demo database Excel.
10. Using of BackSpace when working with the Excel database in the form "Excel File Settings" is fixed, configured to delete the last entered position.
11. The bug has been fixed in working with the "View data for printing" form, which manifested itself when making corrections to the data and when marking/unmarking all products.
12. Added currency BGN.
13. Improved button positions for switching between forms for convenience and speed.
14. The operation of the Fast and Express modes has been improved.
15. Security has been improved with Code 128 due to restrictions imposed by Microsoft for using this type of font.
16. Added user instructions to facilitate the use of Formula options.
17. Improved visualization of barcodes.
18. Removed the printing of blank labels.
19. Improved format and design of windows.
20. Improved visualization when viewing data before printing, column names are displayed in the appropriate selected language.
21. Code refactoring.
22. Optimization of whole software.
1. Adding a new "Save as default" option to the "Print Setup" window that saves the current template as default (DefaultLabel.bar);
2. Keeping the status of the user-selected buttons;
3. With the option "Preview data before print", all goods are automatically marked;
4. With the options "Preview data before print" and "Quantity readout" set, all goods are automatically marked;
5. In the absence of ticking the options "Preview data before printing" and "Quantities considered", all goods with quantity 1 are automatically loaded;
6. Added new fields "Sale price" and "Delivery price";
7. Optimization in communication with www.micro.bg;
8. When opening the program from Microinvest Warehouse Pro, the last created template should be loaded;
9. New 10 price groups have been added: "Wholesale price / x", "Retail price / x", "Price group 1-8 / x"
10. Added new element "Formula;
11. Added a new {Ratio} script to Formula and Extended Barcode;
12. A scripting helper has been added to help the user select scripts when typing "{";
13. Improvement of the Locator's work;
14. Improvement in the work of the window Editing of goods;
15. Invalid database filename and label templates are processed;
16. Additional protection has been introduced in case of invalid database and invalid template;
17. All templates have a complete link to the standard Microinvest.mdb database from Microinvest Warehouse Pro;
18. Templates are created dynamically when the program is first started;
19. Optimization during creation of new database;
20. Extended error log;
21. Optimization of the program.
1. Possibility to work with a barcode scanner using a 'List' form.
2. Automatically load existing databases.
3. Improve printing of price barcodes with longer masks.
4. Added a price group selection when generating a price barcode.
5. Added attributes for transform coefficient in the label creation window.
6. Added attributes for sale and purchase prices from documents in the label creation window.
7. Improved work with attributes in the label creation window.
8. Added new graphic signs and currency symbols.
9. Application to start the product more than once when creating Pro Warehouse labels.
10. Added possibility to resize the columns in the Print preview window.
11. Optimized format of Print preview.
12. Optimized format when working with Excel files.
13. Optimized work of Locator when work with barcode scanner.
14. Fixed bug – didn’t work exit with ALT + F4.
15. Fixed bug - position of the Next and Back buttons.
16. Fixed bug - creating a new Access database.
17. Fixed bug - start of Locator with price barcode.
18. Fixed bug - start of the program without having Warehouse Pro installed.
19. Fixed bug - applying the wrong price format.
20. Fixed bug - no color selected when reopening a label template.
1. Added automatically creation of Excel file for import.
2. Added the option to select "Demo mode" when selected "MS Excel" database, in which the program creates a template file with predefined columns, rows, etc.
3. Added new graphic symbols.
4. Added filter for the field with numerical values (price, quantity, etc.) - the total number, fractional part, the integer part.
5. Default price format - 0.00
6. Improved (without grouping) printing price barcodes.
7. Added possibility to specify text colors.
8. At the first start, the program language is selected in accordance with the regional settings of Windows.
9. Added Print preview of the label.
10. Added a universal barcode component.
11. Added possibility to create a barcode from a template defined from the Warehouse Pro.
12. Fixed - incorrect selection of the goods in Locator.
13. Fixed - when opening databases and clicking the "Warehouse Pro" button, the Barcode Printer Pro folder was opened, and not the folder "Warehouse Pro".
14. Fixed - settings of the price format for fast or express printing were not applied.
1. Added message when there is no connection to the printer.
2. Added link to the Microinvest site.
3. Added country selection option in the Settings window.
4. Added button to save a template to the label creation window.
5. Added check of valid quantity when selecting an item in the "Print Preview" window.
6. Added the opportunity to reload goods added from Warehouse Pro in the "Goods with price barcode" window.
7. Corrected mismatch - the "New Price" column format is corrected in the "Goods with price barcode" window.
8. Corrected mismatch - change the name of the installation window.
9. Corrected mismatch - when marking all rows and sorting one of the columns.
10. Corrected product name on start page.
11. Corrected mismatch - more accurate drawing of the straight line in the label creation window.
12. Corrected mismatch - capability to Copy & Paste straight and curved lines.
13. Corrected mismatch - the functionality of the Enter and Esc buttons is fixed.
14. Corrected mismatch - changed names of the windows.
15. Corrected mismatch - the functionality of the Tab button is fixed.
16. Corrected mismatch - changed names of the main windows.
17. Corrected mismatch - when selecting goods without counting a quantity in the window "Goods with price barcode" the price and quantity check is fixed.
1. The ability to create and print price barcodes.
2. Ability to create new database - MS SQL Server and MySQL
3. Print the advanced barcodes with scripts and mathematical operations.
4. Turkish language support
1. Armenian language support
2. Georgian language support
1. The program is now available in Spanish language.
2. The program is now available to print labels sorted by name, code, barcode and other parameters added in the template.
3. Improvement of the label print when working with lots and missing quantities of a certain good.
4. Fixed inconsistency – adding decimal separator “comma” when formatting prices higher than 999 and working with MySQL database.
5. Fixed inconsistency – in case of orientation of element “Vertical (270)” and zoom over 100%, the label/element can’t be edited.
1. Improvement in the print of barcodes in Code128.
2. Optimization of printing text turned to 270 degrees.
1. Printing weight and price barcodes – whenever the program runs into a symbol, different than a digit, it replaces it with 0(zero).
2. Filtering a subgroup
3. Option for selecting of items trough a ‘Locator’.
1. Possibility of typing texts with font size smaller than 8.
2. Typing a serial number as a barcode.
3. Additional possibility of choosing an object.
4. Additional possibility of formatting the prizes in 0-00 style.
5. Additional setup for digital grouping (3 000 000).
6. Improved work in switched on setup for object numeration.
7. Typing a price considering the transformation coefficient.
8. Optimization of the function Access denied in case of attempt of typing a document without admin rights.
9. Improved function of saving a document in Program Files without admin rights.
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