1. Prohibited partial payment of refund and amount left next payment - Russia.
2. Upon advance payment item "Advance payment" takes the VAT group of "Default item" - Russia, Romania.
3. Added possibility to check a lottery ticket with more than 14 characters.
4. Disabled refund button (ALT + F9) in restaurant mode when working with lots.
5. Transmission of USN when printing a fiscal document in accordance with Regulation H-18 - Bulgaria.
6. New structure of the data transmitted to a cash register in accordance with Regulation H-18 - Bulgaria.
7. Additional processing of data transmitted to a cash register in accordance with Regulation H-18 - Bulgaria.
8. Extended error handling when transmitting data to a cash register in accordance with Regulation H-18 - Bulgaria.
9. Added compatibility for fiscal printers - Bulgaria:
- "Datecs DP-150"
- "Datecs DP-25"
- "Datecs DP-35"
- "Datecs WP-50"
- "Datecs DP-05"
- "Daisy Compact S"
- "Daisy Compact M"
- "Tremol M20"
10. Added compatibility for fiscal printers - Romania:
- "Datecs DP-25 LAN Romania"
- "Datecs DP-25 Serial Romania"
11. Replaced "WizRetail" with "Microinvest Warehouse Pro" - Romania.
12. Fixed bug - on user change no image is displayed from folder "Display" on the main monitor.
13. Fixed bug - report "Turnover" prints wrong amount.
14. Fixed bug - the last empty row gets duplicated value when active setting "Operating with discounts - For the full document %".
15. Fixed bug - printing customer VAT number after clearing the note - Romania.
16. Fixed bug - cutting the unit of measurement of the item when printing with "Tremol M 20" - Romania.
1. Added a setting for XL size of buttons in the Touch screen.
2. Added possibility to select a group of VAT when making an advance payment.
3. Added possibility to hide the buttons of prohibited types of payments in the rights - Retail.
4. Added possibility to print a duplicate fiscal receipt.
5. Added a price rule for the “Catalog”, “Barcode” and “Description” fields.
6. The locator is optimized when moving with the Up/Down keys.
7. Added the country of Malawi.
8. Removed unused (old) drivers from DeviceManager.
9. Added new section "VAT" to the report "Turnover" (for Malta).
10. Hiding the function “Programming of scales” if scales not set.
11. Added possibility to set images for groups of goods.
12. Optimized printing on fiscal devices when performing Pay-in/Pay-out.
13. Fixed. When you press Enter in the quantity of items, a window of Settings appeared in the visual style 3.
14. Fixed. Entering the wrong quantity if the item is not found by code.
15. Fixed. Error recognizing excise stamps - Restaurant.
16. Fixed. Error when generating barcodes in the Retail module.
17. Fixed. When you add an item on the Trade screen, the cursor goes up if there is a scroll bar.
1. The Uganda country has been added.
2. The Uzbekistan country has been added.
3. Visualization of the item’s code when searching at the “Information” window.
4. An option to search a partner by Tax ID (besides VAT number).
5. Removing the limit for number of symbols at the window for payment when the Uzbekistan country is selected.
6. Quick check of lottery tickets at the main window of the program.
7. An option to check and payment of more than one ticket - National lottery.
8. Possibility for processing excise duty numbers with length 150 symbols - Russia.
9. Permissions of access for turning on/turning off the printing of fiscal receipts are also applied in the combined billing window.
10. Partner identification by phone – Ukraine.
11. A payment cancelling is updated into the “Application diary”.
12. Optimization when adding an item with a fractional quantity.
13. An ItemMeasure script has been added to the item’s unit.
14. Forwarding the VAT number to the cash register – Romania.
15. Forwarding unit to the fiscal printers’ drivers.
16. Fixed bug - claim is not working when the “Added amount verification” option is turned on.
17. Fixed bug– wrong partner when reprinting cash receipt.
18. Fixed bug - an error when verifying the connection with the Access base.
19. Fixed bug - wrong items’ grouping at the “Commercial location” table.
20. Fixed bug - an error at combined payment after advance one.
21. Fixed bug - removal of the “No email found!” message from the log file.
22. Fixed bug - an operation is not deleted by the Document Manager.
23. Fixed bug – wrong message for an amount that is not added when the “Verification of the added amount” option is turned on.
1. Increased the contrast in the search box in nomenclatures.
2. Added possibility to issue invoices in restaurant mode.
3. Changed logic of mathematical operators "\" (integer division) and "%" (fission residue) in pricing rules.
4. Optimization of database selection (MS SQL server) in settings.
5. Removed the "tip" feature for Finland.
6. Added hide quantities function in the "Info" window at "Operator" access level.
7. Added country Nigeria.
8. Added refresh partner data when printing a fiscal/non-fiscal receipt.
9. Added cancellation of advanced receipt (Pre-receipt).
10. Added new scripts to print names and sums by types of payments:
- PaymentCaption[type of payment]
- PaymentSum[type of payment]
12. Shortcut (shortcut key) for payment via bank terminal.
14. Fixed bug - wrong work of a lunch menu on a second screen.
15. Fixed bug – not prints receipts when enabled auto production and sale is switched on in Advanced receipt mode.
16. Fixed bug - double opening of the item selection window when select the item.
17. Fixed bug – error when creating a new partner.
18. Fixed bug – when adding goods by barcode and entering a fractional number, the mechanism for measurement by units did not work.
1. Recognition of weighing and counting units.
2. Automatic filled-in settings for connection with data base when selected MySQL or MSSQL-Server.
3. Possibility for selecting data base from list when the connection with MySQL or MSSQL-Server is successful.
4. Possibility for setting permissions for every section of the “Control Panel”:
- Reports of fiscal device
- Turnover
- By operators
- Users reports
- Synchronization of online cashier
- Unclosed orders (restaurant)
5. Added possibility to show/hide virtual keyboard in the following windows:
- Wizard
- Control Panel
- Registration
- Payment
- Free text in receipt
6. Sorting the orders ascending and descending by customer, operator (waiter), table.
7. Preview and round up of the sum to a third decimal sign – Kuwait.
8. Added encoding CP850 when printing a receipt.
9. Possibility for printing of X and Z report – Finland.
10. Registration in menu “Others” in Warehouse Pro.
11. Printing refunds on first fiscal printer – Malta.
12. Bind automatic production to the sale in which it was made.
13. Possibility for showing lunch menu on second screen.
14. Correction of the translations in the following languages:
- English
- Russian
- Ukrainian
15. Simplify choice from the dropdown menu when working with Touch Screen in the following windows:
- Touch Screen
- Restaurant
- Wizard
- Settings
- Separating the orders
16. Recording in the log of the program when adding, changing, deleting of items or partners.
17. Automatic selection of MySQL ODBC connector.
18. Possibility for programing of the Online cashier with more than 10000 items.
19. Round up of the sum when paing in cash – Finland.
20. Fixed bug – incorrect preview of the receipt when using second monitor.
21. Fixed bug - loss of field focus when canceling a combined payment.
22. Fixed bug - inaccuracies by grouping items in the table when selecting them from a window.
1. Align the text with the button names in the Wizard.
2. Functionality for printing fiscal receipts with Microinvest Smart Printer.
3. Ability for programming/weiting quantities to/from scale in Microinvest Smart Printer
4. Managing client display with Microinvest Smart Printer.
5. Added template for demo note when printing pictures with standard printer.
6. Added template for demo note when printing pictures with ESC/POS printer.
7. Ability for changing the preview of TouchPad for selecting item in Retail module.
- change in the number of columns with buttons of items
- change the size of buttons which displays the items and group of items.
- Change of buttons font
- Placement of group – right/left
8. New function for payment with terminal in payment with card..
9. Added mode for grouping items in the order in the restaurant at the moment of the record.
10. Option for printing the description of the item by template in Retail Mode.
11. Fixed bug – The last picture of Display folder does not visualized.
12. Fixed bug – An error when changing the language (German, Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Polish, Latvian, Arabic, Finnish or Turkmen) in the Wizzard.
13. Fixed bug – In the case of a lack of payment in visual style 3 and pressing 'Esc', the merchandise table remains inactive.
14. Fixed bug - the program flashes when choosing any of the options from the Card Terminal (section Reports of CA)
15. Fixed bug –database is not created from the Wizard if it is in use or the user has no rights.
16. Fixed bug - Error processing parameter Limit if the row has two identical scripts. For example: 11223344556677 7777888899990000
17. Fixed bug – Doesn’t apply “Charging % of service” in Restaurant mode.
1. New functionality called “ULTRA LIGHT”. The front office can work with standalone database, which is created the help of “Wizard”:
- Language and country recognition according to Windows settings
- Ability to change the proposed language and country.
- When setting up such database, the VAT groups and the currency are the valid one for the respective country.
- Set up three users: one owner and two carriers.
- Define four customers with the ability to set a card number and discount.
- Possibility to set 10 pcs. Groups of goods.
- Enter a business name.
- Definition of goods with price, barcode, unit of measure and VAT group.
- Automatically add goods by scanning a barcode.
2. Option for editing already existing databade from Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light
3. The message ‘No connection to the database’ is removed. On the Splash window will be displayed 3 buttons: Settings, Wizard, Exit.
4. Default visual style depending on the version of Windows when the program is started for the first time:
- Windows 10 – style ‘Windows 10’
- Windows 8.1 – style ‘ Blue’
- Windows 7 – style ‘Gray’
- Windows XP – style ‘Gray’
5. Setting the language and the country depends on the regional settings of Windows on the first start.
6. Encrypting of the settings for connection to the database in configuration file.
7. Enter a password for a manager, owner, or administrator when making ‘Refund’ by a user with an 'Operator' access level.
8. Selecting an order from ‘Order Register’ in restaurant mode, which can be send directly to the active list with orders on screen.
9. Added scripts for name of the operation:
- <OperationCaption> - title of operation depending on the type of the check, which is printing Sale/Refund
- <SaleCaption> - if the operation is Sale, the name printed is in the corresponding language, otherwise, it is empty
- <RefundCaption> - if the operation is Refund, the name printed is in the corresponding language, otherwise, it is empty
10. Optimization of the scanning with serial barcode scanner.
11. Possibility for sending order to Microinvest Hotel Pro.
12. Possibility for recognition of clients cards on two or more prefixes.
13. When scanning barcode of an item, the program automatically finds information about it on our cloud server.
14. Possibility for typing tips – Rwanda.
15. Added column for total of document (sale/refund) in the “Manager of documents” .
16. Saving of the comment when moving items from table to table in restaurant mode.
17. Optimization of the progress (in percentage) when saving operation.
18. When working with MS SQL Server database parameter AutoClose is found in False.
19. Change of the format of data send to OFD – Russia:
- mailfrom:mailfrom@mailfrom.com;userid:0123456789012;phone:0123456789
20. Generating of daily report Kassenbericht – Germany.
21. Renaming the button for reports for country Germany:
- Z-report -> Tagesabschluss
- X-report -> Zwischenabschluss
- ECT -> Kassenzahlung
- Print -> ERSTELLEN
22. Entering the banknote denominations when finishing the day (generating of Kassenbericht) – Germany.
23. Mandatory reset of Delta new of Kassenbericht – Germany.
24. Generating of .pdf copy when importing and withdrawing money – Germany.
25. Dynamic change of the template when printing receipt – Germany.
26. Change of the title of the receipt when importing an advance payment – Germany.
27. Automatic generation of .pdf copy of the receipt – Germany.
28. Printing of copy of the last receipt – Germany.
29. Corrected messages in the installation window of the program.
30. Corrected mismatch – not visualizing the table “as a free” after paying the orders in visual style ‘Gray’.
31. Corrected mismatch – problems with price rules in case of partner’s obligations.
32. Corrected mismatch - in case of a shortage of payment amount and pressing ‘Esc’, the table with items remains inactive.
33. Corrected mismatch – not visualized last picrure from folder ‘Display’.
34. Corrected mismatch – incorrect translation in MessageBox in Polish, Finnish, Arabic and Turkmen.
1. Optimization of the information recorded in “Application log” when appears conflict in the numbering of documents.
2. The color schemes in the dropdown list in the Settings window are changed and renamed.
3. Added integrated PDF printer.
4. Improvement in the Start screen of the program.
5. Added the installation of the product in German language.
6. Prohibition of sale of goods with zero delivery price.
7. New function to automatically generate customer card number.
8. Mandatory introduction of comment / cause when PayIn / PayOut amounts when choosed country Germany.
9. Capable of storing amount like advance payment when was made Reclamation.
10. Added country Universal.
11. Revision of the German translation.
12. Revision of the Arabic translation.
13. Update of the headquarter address of Microinvest in 'About program'.
14. Set the visual style as the Windows version in the automatic installation wizard.
15. Added possibility to send SMS or email after record sales / refund – Russia.
16. Deactivate the main table when recording operation - Retail.
17. Fixed mismatch – do not highlighted text when entering payment amount in the 'Retail' in visual style 1.
18. Fixed mismatch - the disappearance of the name of the item when was made replacement of already added to the operation item.
19. Fixed mismatch - incorrect coding while printing of receipts in Arabic.
20. Fixed mismatch – correction of translation in the automatic installation wizard.
1. Optimization of the dispatch of alcoholic beverages to UTM.
2. Save and check the scanned PDF417 for the previous month.
3. Removed the option to send low alcohol drinks to UTM.
4. Added translation to the Turkmen language.
5. Added the country of Turkmenistan.
6. Added option to integrate with Nielsen.
7. Revision of translations into Arabic.
8. Revision of translations into Finnish.
9. Added confirmation when printing all templates for fiscal/non-fiscal printer.
10. Extension of scripts for the city and address
OwnerCity -City from Company used
OwnerAddressShort - only address that does not include the city from Company used
PartnerCity - City of the partner
PartnerAddressShort - only address that does not include the city of the partner
11. Extension of scripts for printing the amount of VAT for the goods in cash receipts:
ItemVatValue - value of VAT for a piece
ItemTotalVatValue - VAT value for the corresponding amount
12. Fixed mismatch - incorrect coding when printing receipts in Arabic.
13. Fixed mismatch - wrong definition of the size of the buttons in the "Blocked Items" with a small (<4) the number of item groups.
14. Fixed mismatch - error messages, questions and information in English if your selected language Latvian, Arabic, Finnish or Turkmen.
15. Fixed mismatch - error in the application of price rules in the Restaurant -Add goods in operation.
16. Displaying the status and % while reset settings.
17. Changed the order of the color schemes in the list of the settings window.
1. New color scheme Windows 10.
2. Now possibility to read 1D and 2D barcodes through COM scanner.
3. Possibility for searching by client card in Documents manager.
4. Added mode for digital keyboard – digits + buttons F1-F12.
5. Added option to fill a tip in restaurant module for SA country.
6. Automatic refresh of “Order Register” in retail module.
7. Printing receipts by default with disabled turned on script of Standart Printer.
8. Added country KSA.
9. Disabled tip for country KSA.
10. Optimization in the refreshment of information in “Document manager” when server for printing is turned on.
11. Print of service receipt to the first found POS printer – for Bulgaria .
12. Prohibition for grouping items on the screen when working with UTM.
13. Print of in fiscal receipt in restaurant module.
14. Print of QR codes with all standard printers through driver (Standard).
15. Print of QR codes working with protocol Epson compatible mode of Generic Epson, Generic TCP, Generic Citizen printers.
16. Print of QR codes working with protocol of all Rongta printers.
17. Print of QR codes working with protocol of Star Line Mode in Generic Star printers.
18. Print of QR codes working with protocol of all Star TSP printers in Epson mode.
19. Print of EAN-13, EAN-8, Code39 and Code128 barcodes in all printers through driver (Standard).
20. Print of EAN-13 and EAN-8 codes with Datecs and Tremol printers.
21. Improvement of the scripts for barcodes when working with long codes from type Code128.
22. Improving of the validation of BCP payment to UTM.
23. Correction of the algorithm to detect low-alcoholic drinks - beer and more.
24. Print of fiscal receipts for refund for country Finland.
25. Fixed bug – Print of Z-Отчет on second fiscal printer, on which is printed UTM slip.
26. Fixed bug – When pay in advance payment the record in Cash book is with the name of another client, not the one selected.
27. Fixed bug – Possibility to make a sale with price = 0.00 when applying price rule and disabled sale with zero price.
28. Fixed bug – automatic weighting of quantities from scale, if the weight barcode is written with small letters 'w'.
1. Denomination currency in Belarus:
- Changing rounding from "000" to "0.00"
- Update drivers for management fiscal printers and cash registers
2. Possibility of sorting orders in a restaurant in alphabetical order by customers’ name.
3. Improving algorithm for selection of items when there is duplication of standard or weighted barcodes.
4. Recognition/adding of items in direct scanning of excise stamps (PDF417) – Russia.
5. Checking the validity of excise stamps PDF417 - Russia:
- Invalid PDF417 length
- Entered PDF417 coincides by alcoholic code with item
- Duplicate of PDF417 on level window ‚PDF417 ‘
- Duplicate on document level (whole sale)
6. Ability to test UTM server - Russia. Check for:
- The presence of connection with the UTM
- Introduced/established registration object
- Is UIC and VAT numbers entered on registration object
- Is UIC and VAT numbers valid on registration object
- address of the object for registration entered
7. Validation of the necessary attributes (p.5) before dispatching the alcohol products to UTM – Russia.
8. Added scripts:
- - printing of non-fiscal 'slip' only in the presence of alcohol products - Russia
- - switch printing a receipt to non-fiscal
9. Added printing templates to fiscal / non-fiscal printers:
- QR EGAIS Style Standard
- Standard QR Код
- Standard Advertisement
- Standard Picture
10. Corrected mismatch - incorrectly calculating the sum of rows when scanning several excise stamps (PDF417).
1. Added new type of device in the settings "UTM server" - Russia
2. Sending alcohol production to "UTM Server" - Russia
3. Possibility for printing QR-codes on the printed fiscal/non-fiscal receipts.
4. Correction of the line for payment with pre-paid advance amount. Removing the quantity and the unit price. Remains only Total on the line.
5. Possibility for joining an icon to an additional (user-created) type of payment.
6. Mismatch correction - record in the cash book of the amount in the accumulation of virtual points in the pricing rules.
7. Improvement of the mechanism for printing of fiscal customer's receipts - Restaurant.
8. Addition and corrections of the translation of Finnish language.
9. Changes in the receipts printing for printers Olliveti 2024-L and Proline Ergo speed, due to a change in the VAT rate to 24% from 06/01/2016 in Greece.
10. Added scripts:
- - Print QR-code
- - shift number
- - workstation / Cash desk
- - print the digital signature
- - Web address to view the note on the Internet
- - QR code address for review
1. New countries are added:
- Kirgizstan
- Oman
- Finland
2. New languages:
- Finnish
- Arabic
3. New functionality for choice of the following notes in Retail mode when are selected Variant 2 and country Kirgizstan: 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000.
4. Option to print Z report by workstations for South Africa country.
5. Turn on paid in and paid out amounts in the fiscal device in Z report for country South Africa.
6. Ability to set timeout in the performance of query to the database.
7. Optimization of the layout of the window for checking the prices for products with long name.
8. Recognizing price of barcode types: 2800001$$$.$$c.
9. Record of an order when printing intermediate note in the following situations:
- Prohibited to delete a row for the active user
- Active user is operator with activated limited work mode
10. New option to execute X/Z report at access level operator with limited rights, only with entering administrator password.
11. Integration of printing cash receipts through Crystal Crystal POS Printer with SDC - Rwanda.
12. Improvement of the work of command parameter checkconnection.
13. Improvement of window for combined payment when having reclamation.
14. User reports in ”Control panel”.
15. Fixed bug – Cropping of the totals in window for preview the price rules when working with prices without VAT.
16. Fixed bug - Run-time error 400 when automatic lock is activated in Retail mode
18. Fixed bug – incorrect rounding when applying the following price rule:
IF (GGroupQtty AAB >= 3) AND (operation = 2) THEN changecheapestitemspricefromgroup AAB, GGroupQtty AAB \ 3, 0.50
19. Fixed bug – error in entering of quantity 0.5 in the following format '0' in restaurant mode and format of quantity '0'.
1. Possibility for item choosing if there is duplication of standard or weight barcodes.
2. Print improvement of the Z-report in Fiscal Memory emulator - Cyprus.
3. Default receipt printing in English instead in Greek - Cyprus.
4. Automatic Drawer open functionality while printing on DatecsFP550, DatecsFP550DV, DatecsFP550KL.
5. Interface optimization with DPI different than 96.
6. Command parameter for invoice printing in a fiscal device without printing the preset scripts - PrintDefaultECRInvoice.
7. Warehouse Pro Light – Retail mode – If the payment amount is unsufficient, the Change amount is coloring in red in Visual Style 1.
8. Possibility for Currency choosing, during payment – Rwanda.
9. The program returns to default customer if the application has closed without saving, after change has been made with client card.
10. Mismatch correction – inability for quantity change if “Deletion of the highlighted row” has been prohibited and big number is filled in.
11. Mismatch correction – wrong VAT value on Z-report during print – South Africa.
12. Z-report printing by work stations – South Africa.
13. Mismatch correction - when printing turnover report by operators, the report gives the information for all operators, even though the Users is an Operator and do not have sufficient rights for that.
14. Change calculation and visualization during combined payments in Warehouse Pro Light Retail.
15. "Goods by location" setting - displays products whose prices are different from 0 for the price group,
16. Possibility for reasoning the input and withdraw of money in the fiscal device.
17. Product translation in Latvian language
18. Settings set for country Latvia.
19. Settings set for country UK.
20. Fiscal receipt printing regimes are added – Default On, Default Off
21. Information is adding in the Application log if preliminary receipt has been issued.
22. Searching possibility by Getti and Microinvest Club cards within the “Information” screen.
23. Recognition of Getti cards with prefix 0708753
24. Ability for amount checking of the document in all Currencies defined in the software.
25. Mismatch correction – do not find weight barcode, if it is located in the “Barcode 3” field.
26. Mismatch correction – if multiple selection of items is done in the “Item selection” window, the needed number of rows is added but all with the same item.
27. Mismatch correction – during the printing of cash receipt in “Return” operation always start with the first number / country Rwanda /.
28. Mismatch correction - incorrect values if discount for the entire document is made and the script is used.
1. Linking the start of Fiscal Memory Emulator with the access rights to X and Z reports.
2. Update of the algorithm for completion of sales, when price rule for discount to a partner is applied and advance payment amount.
3. New option to filter by groups of goods send to the customer display.
4. Improvement of the mechanism for printing checks with advance payment for country Rwanda.
5. Add of a register of orders in 'Retail' mode.
6. Sending text to the Order Assistant application in customer display mode.
7. Optimization of the communication with Order Assistant by UDP, IM.
8. New option to scan client’s card in the field “Enter a sum” when making advance payment.
9. Option for direct printing from the program of X and Z reports for country Rwanda.
10. Added new report for X report in the control panel for country Rwanda.
11. Recognition and adding of a customers’ Microinvest club cards.
12. Option to choose an action (Enter the program, Start of a shift, End of a shift) when login.
13. Option to choose/enter a reason for deleting a good.
14. Fixed inconsistency when calculating percentage for service fee by groups of goods.
15. Fixed inconsistency – incorrect calculation of the liability of the partner when printing receipts.
16. Fixed inconsistency – the info bar is not deleted when closing a shift in Retail mode.
1. Improvement in the visualization of the information line in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Retail
2. Added command parameter NOFPDiscount - sending sales to fiscal printer without discount.
3. Improving Fiscal Memory Emulator for Rwanda - Z-report
4. Оptimization alternative method of calculation - Restaurant.
5. Integration with Getti Cards for Bulgarian market.
6. Printing of a receipt for claim when entering advance amount with a negative sign for Russian market.
7. Added templates for receipts for country Rwanda (Rwanda Retail; Rwanda Retail Training; Rwanda Restaurant; Rwanda Restaurant Training)
8. Adjustment in payment from 'Document Manager' when working with MySQL database.
9. Option to set a custom title of the product
10. Improving performance with deferred operations.
11. Ability to set more than one comment to an item in the restaurant module.
12. Added function "Check Rates" in access rights
13. Added three modes of reference 'Turnover by operators' in the control panel.
- 24 hours ago
- Current day of 00:00 to 23:59
- Working time
14. Corrected discrepancy in quickly adding an item with barcode reader in the restaurant module.
15. Improving translation in Spanish.
1. Added new country Zambia.
2. New country added Cuba.
3. Rounding the sum of the document to 0.1.
4. Saving the last chosen payment type in “Advanced payment”.
5. Added Z report for OAE.
6. Improvement in the algorithm for selection of item by barcode in Restaurant module .
7. New price rules:
- Buy 3 items and get the cheaper one with changed price.
- Buy 2 items and get the cheaper one with 50% discount.
8. % service/margin by groups for country Kazakhstan.
9. Adds in the document 'Chitanta' for country Romania:
- The date format is dd.mm.yyyy.
- The field for serial number is taken by registration.note1.
10. Improved record for pay in advanced payment.
11. Print of document 'Chitanta' when pay in advanced payment for country Romania.
12. Certification of the application according to RRA (Rwanda Revenue Agency) requirements..
13. Restriction for entering 0 quantity when deleting a row is forbidden.
14. Add item to multiplying the quantity by a factor of transformation with the introduction of barcode 2.
15. Increase of the performance when positioning in the window for selecting an item.
16. Work with items with fix prices.
17. Fixed inconsistence - not refreshing the results for change of date or hour in the control panel.
18. Fixed inconsistence – closing the program when selecting item by a barcode in visual style 2.
19. Fixed inconsistence – possibility for reprint of fiscal receipt in reclamation for country Russia.
20. Fixed inconsistence – not refreshing the list in the Documents manager when print server in “Operator” mode is enabled.
1. Fixed inconsistency – check for total sum in combined payment in visual style 1.
2. Optimization of the work with price rules containing phrase in the condition.
3. The control panel loads with current date and the process speed is optimized.
4. Option for work with COM port from 1 to 50.
5. For country Kazakhstan is added separate stock receipt.
6. Fixed inconsistency – loading of all partners when searching no matter their type and whether they are frequently used.
7. Optimization in filling of data into the scripts requiring information from the database.
8. Fixed inconsistency in closing an authorized bill with sale with zero prices in visual style 3.
9. Option for enabling “tip” as a different way of payment for country UAE.
10. Reset the script the Z report.
11. Integration with Sales Data Contoller (SDC) – for country Rwanda
12. New scripts:
- OrderCounter - Unique identifier of interim orders
- SDCDate - date of receipt print
- SDCTime - hour of the receipt
- SDCInternalData - internal information
- SDCReceiptNumber - SDC receipt number
- SDCReceiptSignature - Signature
- SDCID - serial number
- SDCMRC - machine registration code
- SDCTIN - tax indetification number
13. Added command parameter InstantQttyCheck for check of the quantities in the restaurant regime.
14. Improvement of the window for combined payment when disabled advanced payment.
15. Optimization in searching by partner in “Document manager”.
1. Support of Arabic table codes
2. Check for item availability when adding save order with disabled setting for negative quantities
3. Improvement in the mechanism of checking repetitions when adding new reservation.
4. Added confirmation for printing “All except the fiscal” for Russia.
5. Translation improvement in Romanian language in the window “Document Manager”
6. Fixed inconsistency in the visualization of sum when using virtual keyboard
7. Possibility to search by Partner in document manager
8. Added new scripts
8.1. DocInfo = Document + Date - print as barcode (Barcode)"
9. Option for random order of banknotes in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light -Retail from the configuration file.
10. Added confirmation for deletion of table in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light -Restaurant
11. Option to search by template in Documents manager - NNNNNNDDMMYYC
12. Option to create partners, who are not frequently used, when entering card number.
13. Added new country – UAE
14. Reports in Microinvest Fiscal Memory Emulator for UAE.
15. Programming of Pricer labels.
16. Option to print (through command parameter) check with one position to printers
17. Fixed inconsistency in cases of accumulating amount when printing to kitchen printer
18. Added new field in the status bar for row number.
19. Registration of waiters bell system only for users with access “Administrator”, “Owner
20. Added new price rule for playing audio (supports WAV files).
21. Fixed inconsistency in cases of recording wrong partner and activated “Print bill before payment“ and payment from Document Manager
22. Fixed inconsistency - error when opening the access rights and available only one person.
1. Recording all payments made by bank transfer and refund when using Microinvest Virtual ECR.
2. Improvement in the Price Rule module
3. Now is available work with price groups in different locations in the Restaurant mode
4. New option – simultaneous printing of Z-report on all defined fiscal printers.
5. New option – printing of Z-report when using Microinvest Virtual ECR (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa).
6. Improved checking of the entered amount of money considering a discount in cash in Restaurant mode.
7. Optional amount difference remains a debt when making a payment from the Documents Manager.
8. Advance payments are recorded in Control panel/Turnover and Control panel/By operators.
9. Added new templates for fiscal/kitchen printers.
10. Improvement in the Russian translation of the application.
11. Improvement in the way of generating new operation ( sell, refund) from the Document Manager
12. Fixed inconsistency – in the Retail mode can be shown all partners when choosing the partner
13. Fixed inconsistency – When checking for a discount and calculating a service percentage.
14. Fixed inconsistency – Possibility for deleting rows with restricted access in Retail mode (Style 1) and returning to the table using F8.
15. Fixed inconsistency – No longer records discounts in Control panel/Turnover when payment’s type is different than In cash.
16. Fixed inconsistency – An error when using combined payment in the point of sale
17. Fixed inconsistency – Hiding of item`s images after using the items block option.
1. Integration with “Wireless waiter call system” in the Restaurant mode.
2. New skin Bordo.
3. New scripts:
3.1 EAN13 - prints barcode for the next 12 digits
3.2 EAN8 - prints barcode for the next 7 digits
3.3 Barcode - prints barcode for the next 12 or 13 digits
3.4 Barcode39 - prints a random digital barcode
3.5 Null - ends a string
3.6 ToWords - presents a number value “with words”
4. Added parameter for sending total to a customer display – VFDTotalInfo
5. An option for recognizing a price barcode (2700001$$.$$$C)
6. When scanning a weight barcode with quantity value = 0, it is added with a quantity by default.
7. Simplifying the ‘Documents Manager’ interface by activating restricted work mode.
8. Optimizing the automatic production in style 1 in Restaurant mode of MySQL
9. An option for temporal blocking of items in Restaurant mode – Stop list (CTRl+I)
10. Improving the mechanism for defining quantity and price when scanning a barcode. A possibility of adding templates in the configuration file.
11. A possibility of using an alternative method of calculating when working with Mercury and Shtrih fiscal printers.
12. Added parameter for forced implementation of 'Retry' when managing fiscal/non-fiscal printers – ForcedRetry
13. Saving in an application log after pressing one of the keys Abort, Retry or Ignore when working with peripherials.
14. Saving of reservations after they have been transformed into orders – Restaurant mode.
15. Possibility for applying a discount (percentage, sum, client) when pre-check option is enabled
16. New language - Polish
17. New country - Poland
18. New functionality for Romania: Added new report for turnover by groups of items in the Fiscal memory Emulator.
19. Printing of non-fiscal receipt when paying in advanced amounts with a bank transfer.
20. Option for printing advance receipt when there is a restriction for saving order.
21. Change in fiscal receipt when paying from a “Documents Manager”.
22. Improvement of the English translation of the software.
23. Printing of the selected partner in fiscal receipt when paying in an advanced sum.
24. Option of starting a virtual keyboard when paying in an advanced sum in Restaurant mode – Visual Style 3
25. New country - Rwanda.
26. Positioning of the last row when deleting an item.
27. Optimization in the layout of the virtual keyboard.
28. A possibility for running command parameters with the script when using fiscal/non-fiscal printers.
29. Optimization when adding an advanced payment with price rules and active setting for pre-check.
30. New fix when generating barcodes. When a barcode is longer than usual (EAN8 или EAN13) all products have the same barcode.
31. New fix when calculating a total and enabling grouping of items in tables.
32. New fix – a possibility for printing two fiscal receipts for the same sell by Documents Manager.
33. New fix – Error in loading of groups of items on a kitchen printer such are not defined.
34. New fix – An option for replacing of an item if deleting of a row is restricted in Retail.
35. New fix – Incorrect positioning of a window for identification when “Second monitor” is active.
36. New fix – Simultaneously scanning of weight barcode and weighting in electronic scale.
37. New fix – Generating an error in error log when a location for registration, correlating with users, has been deleted.
1. New scripts:
1.1. Note - this script allows to print a remark to an operation in Retail module.
1.2. FreeText - printing free text in a receipt.
1.3. Exec - executes files or applications.
2. Added digit keyboard when identifying or changing user in the Restaurant module
3. New buttons in the Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light – Restaurant module:
3.1. setting the number of guests
3.2. weighing quantity from electronic scales
3.3. price checking
3.4. open a draw
4. Sending data to customer display when weighing quantities from electronic scale.
5. Added virtual keyboard in “Document Manager” in Restaurant module.
6. Option to search by using the 'Locator' when adding a new partner in Restaurant module.
7. Optimization of the interface for selecting items/goods by buttons in the Retail module.
8. Functionality for simultaneous work of the virtual keyboard and the panel for selection of items/goods.
9. Ability to recognize the 64-bit Windows.
10. New function - "Access to all orders". If the function is enabled all users can see the whole list with orders, if not - the user can see only his orders. If the waiter has no permissions to all orders, he cannot transfer his order to other waiter
11. Printing a non-fiscal receipt from first kitchen printer in the following situations:
11.1. Non fiscal receipt
11.2. Receipt with zero value
11.3. Payment with bank transfer
11.4. It remains as a debt
11.5. 100% payment through a pre-paid in advance amount
12. Improved printing of a fiscal, non-fiscal and preview receipt.
13. Added buttons with numbers in the window for mixed payment in the Restaurant module.
14. Option to be used partner, who is not frequently used, when deposit money in advance.
15. Refreshing items prices when parameter “Autorefresh” is enabled in the Restaurant module.
16. Improving the mechanism for limiting values of the quantity when barcode scanning.
17. Improving the translation in Romanian language
18. Possibility for printing Greek invoice from POS terminal or fiscal printer.
19. Fixed inconsistency when printing through a print server with enabled settings “Print Server”' (crossed stamp)
20. Fixed inconsistency - In table with issued fiscal receipts, the recorded Total is without VAT when printing fiscal invoice.
21. Fixed inconsistency – the button Enter doesn’t work after changing the quantity.
22. Fixed inconsistency - cleaning up the extra data after printing an invoice.
23. Fixed inconsistency – changing the total when setting discount.
24. Fixed inconsistency in setting the “Number of guests” and payment, without executed “save order”.
25. Fixed inconsistency when closing an order with activated price rules and forbidden to use the function “save order”.

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