Pre-Sale Questions about Microinvest POS Software Solutions?


Find the answers of FAQ which most customers want to know.


How do I purchase Microinvest software product licenses?

Answer:  Microinvest software product licenses are available through its authorized channel partners and national distributors. If you are interested in purchasing Microinvest  software product licenses or activate a license key for solutions containing Microinvest  software product licenses, please send us an e-mail on  and we will refer you to one of our closest partners.


 What is the retail price of Microinvest  software product licenses?

Answer:  The Microinvest  software product licenses are very competitively priced, even at their retail prices, no matter where you will buy them. To find out the current retail prices of any of our POS software product licenses, please contact us on The prices offered by our channel partners may vary depending on local markets.


How do I request a fully functional trial copy of Microinvest POS software?

Answer:  We believe the best way to evaluate a software product is to give customers a fully functional demo copy of our software to try out. If you are interested in receiving Microinvest POS software solutions as a demo, please click on the following link.


How can I ask more about sales related questions?

Answer:  Please contact us at  or call us at +35929555515 and one of our channel account managers will be happy to assist. If you are an existing customer, you may also login to Forums to view more Q&A or interact with our staff.


Which Microinvest POS software products should I use for my shop?

Answer:  Microinvest software solutions are developed to work in tandem. You will need first to install the back office application (Microinvest Warehouse Pro) then to make all the settings (setup the database; define items, users, partners, suppliers). The next step is to install Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light (the front office). First thing is to connect it to the database of Microinvest Warehouse Pro and then to setup all hardware devices like cash registers, POS printers, scales. Visit our Microinvest Wiki for more details or please send us e-mail on

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