Microinvest Cocktail Mobile is a POS software application for taking orders via a mobile device in restaurants, pizzerias, coffee shops, bars, clubs. The system optimizes the effectiveness of the waiters in the restaurant and significantly reduces the time between taking the order and its preparation. Functionally, the product is an extension of Microinvest Warehouse Pro, designed to run on devices operating with Windows Mobile 2003 and later versions. For successful implementation of the software, the entire facility should be covered with a Wi-Fi signal because all orders taken by waiters are transferred in real-time through the Wi-Fi network.

Key features:

  • Transferring orders from a distance in real time;
  • Easy to use and fast interface;
  • Access rights;
  • Grouping items in nine categories;
  • Wide range of predefined categories;
  • Possibility to split an order prior payment;
  • Transferring order from one table to another;
  • Quick search for items in a wide menu;
  • Fully compatible with the databases of Microinvest Warehouse Pro*

* Requires Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL 2000, 2005, SQL Express)

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