Microinvest Waiter Assistant за Android
Size: 1 MB
Date: 08.05.2014
Version: 3.07.001

Microinvest Waiter Assistant for Android is an advanced application designed to optimize cafe, bar and restaurant waiters’ daily activities.
The application monitors and displays the status of the orders on waiter’s mobile device and it provides additional information for each dish as well. The system works with Microinvest Order Assistant (for Android OS and Windows) or Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light.
Some of the advantages of Microinvest Waiter Assistant for Android are:

  • Accelerates the monitoring of orders status;
  • Remote monitoring of meals readiness and notifying by a discreet beep;
  • Intuitive interface, accessible and easy to learn;
  • Optimizes the performance by minimizing the processing time of orders;
  • Minimum system requirements for hardware maintenance and compatibility with a wide range devices under Android OS;
  • Multilingual support and easy to add a new language;
  • Adaptability to the individual requirements of each client or software company.

 Microinvest Waiter Assistant for Android

Download the app now! Exploire the settings and add benefits to your business with Microinvest Waiter Assistant for Android !

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