Microinvest Utility Center Free module 

Communication DLL name
Partners Without Sale Warehouse Pro Partners Without Sale
File Scheduler Warehouse Pro File Scheduler
Recalculation of Recipes before production  Warehouse Pro Automatic Recipes Calculation
Management of Readers SerialReader.dll
Universal export WarehouseDataExchange.dll
Export to account WizCount WarehouseProExportToWizCount.dll
SQL Scheduler WarehouseProSQLScheduler.dll
Automatic transfer of negative receipts between warehouses WarehouseProAutomaticTransfersRest.dll

Microinvest Utility Center Base module - 99EUR

Communication DLL name
Database optimization with grouping operations Warehouse Pro Merge Operations
Tracking of edited and deleted documents Warehouse Pro Deleted Documents Trace
Global production Warehouse Pro Global Production
Tracking of changed sale prices Warehouse Pro Goods Price Trace
Adding advertisement on fiscal receipt in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light Warehouse Pro Light Advertising
Tracking of orders and requests Warehouse Pro Check Orders Requests
Documents Transformation Warehouse ProTransformations
Automanic status change of items or deleting of unused items Warehouse Pro Goods Optimizer
Transfering recepies between different Microinvest Warehouse Pro databases Warehouse Pro Import/Export Recipes
Management of Datecs DP500Plus DatecsDP500Plus.dll
Management of Scales ScalesModule.dll
Database optimization - Index WarehouseProDatabaseOptimizer.dll
Database optimization - Split DB WarehouseProOptimizationMSSQLDB.dll
Automatic creating of partner's sales for the current month WarehouseProMonthlyFees.dll
Automatic accounting of Advance payment on last month turnover basis WarehouseProPartnersAndMonthlyBonuses.dll
Automatic printing of new orders WarehouseProOrdersReceived.dll
Automatic transformation of orders into transfer WarehouseProAutomaticTransfers.dll
Automatic generating of barcode for items without barode WarehouseProBarcodeGenerator.dll
Automatic payment by type WarehouseProClearPaymentsByType.dll
Automatic deletion of liabilities WarehouseProClearObligations.dll
Automatic update of exchange rates WarehouseProGetCurrencyRates.dll
Automatic application of electronic points WarehouseProEletronicPoints.dll

Microinvest Utility Center Plus module - 299EUR

Communication DLL name
Data exchange with OpenCart (Open Source Shopping Cart Solution) OpenCartDataExchange.dll
Production Import Warehouse Pro Import Production
Rating Service Warehouse Pro Feedback
Data exchage with OpenCart in progress
Export to Stoyanov Ltd - Burgas WarehouseProExportStoyanovLtd.dll
Importing production from XML (partner in Haskovo) WarehouseProImportProduction.dll
Combining production and defining rout (partner in Plovdiv) WarehouseProManageRoutes.dll
Exportation of partners without sales for a period Stoyanov Ltd - Burgas WarehouseProPartnersWithoutSale.dll
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