Microinvest DataCollector for Android
Size: 1 MB
Date: 01.10.2013
Version: 3.07.001

Microinvest DataCollector for Android is an advanced barcode scanning app that provides automation of stock control and inventory management. The newest Microinvest app allows implementation of digital customer service, remote connection with POS system. Using Microinvest DataCollector for Android will increase every salesman’s effectiveness and as a result more customers will be served.

All the specifics of everyday work were taken into consideration while developing Microinvest DataCollector for Android. As a result the app is modified to meet all cashiers needs providing an optimum balance between simplicity and efficiency. The user-friendly interface offers a smooth navigation of item inventory and stocks. Microinvest DataCollector for Android will improve the customer service and efficiency and increase revenue generation capability of the business.

Microinvest Data Collector для Android

Install the app and check how it works with real data. Change the settings and enjoy Microinvest DataCollector for Android benefits!

The advantages, which Microinvest DataCollector for Android gives you:

1. Incredibly fast work of the salesman and convenience in accomplishing their daily activities;
2. Intuitive interface, easy to learn and accessible to every cashier;
3. Optimization of the time for inventory control with ensuring minimal processing time for an operation;
4. Low system requirements for the hardware device and compatibility with wide range of Android devices;
5. Integration with many computer systems for POS business.
6. Multilanguage support, easy to translate to another language;
7. Adaptable to client’s or software company requirements;
8. Irreplaceable assistant in customer service.

Microinvest DataCollector for Android might work in 4 different regimes for data exchange:
1. As a part of the Microinvest Warehouse Pro POS software system (http://www.en.microinvest.net) through a central SQL server (MS SQL or MySQL). On-Line or Off-Line mode of work;
2. Demo mode with autonomously embedded database without connection to another system.Microinvest DataCollector for Android


A big advantage of the app is the ability for connection via Wi-Fi and GPRS technology which allows remote work and accumulation of sales to a central server, operating in a network and multi-users interface.



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