ReplicationData replication is asynchronous transfer mode between different SQL servers, which allows you to work in real time for large volumes of data at different sites of a company connected via Internet. The communication channel to transmits only the differences.

Software product to solve any of the servers to connect and where to read / write data;

The technology of work is the following:

  1. A central SQL server (master) is installed, he is leading;
  2. At each remote location SQL subordinate server (slave) is installed;
  3. SQL server (slave) can connect multiple jobs;
  4. The software product decides which server to connect and where to read/write data;
  5. Central server processes and sends data to slave servers so that each of them have current data;
  6. The system works automatically, ie without operator intervention. All data is synchronized and current. Simultaneously, the base is stored in several locations, which eliminates the need for backup.

Replication requires special management of the flow of data and intelligently distributes the load of the machines. For large nomenclatures the data is read locally and the system works very fast. The records are transferred to other servers and all users see the corrections and operations made. 

Microinvest Warehouse Pro has a special mode of replication and uses 100% of the benefits of this scheme of work.

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