Software for Beauty and Hair Salon/SPA and Relax/Medical Center

 Software for Beauty and Hair Salon/SPA and Relax /Medical Center

Fast and easy salon management software system

More customers, optimal planning and time-saving software features and all these just with few clicks by Microinvest. Salon management software for beauty and hairdressing salon, software for spa and relax, medical center. Discover the benefits of Microinvest salon management software for Beauty and Hair Salon/SPA and Relax/Medical Center. Microinvest software solution can transform the way you manage your salon business and help turn common challenges into money-making opportunities. Find your cloud solution today!

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The prices start from 199 EUR per software for beauty and hair salon, spa & realx, medical center 


Why do you need this software solution?

All types of businesses in health and beauty industry have one thing in common: they provide services and it is very important to maintain a good relationship with their customers. For the success and the sustainable growth in the service sector (salon management) of paramount importance is to be aware of the needs, which your customers have and to increase their loyalty level. An invaluable tool for this is the software management solution. It will automatically keep records, monitor the work of staff, create a stylish image, and provide comfort to customers. Moreover and most importantly, the program will remember the details and history of each customer, allowing an individual approach to each client and make your regular customer, bringing to you the relatives, friends and acquaintances. To achieve this is not easy, but there are universal steps, following which you will certainly boost your business and find new customers.

Manage your business in a professional way

Maintain customer relationships

Boost Your Business

If you like your job and if you want to be not just one of many in the business, but you want to be the leader and to do everything efficiently, then Microinvest  salon management solutions are developed for you! Applications are designed to help you simplify the management of all processes and help in making important decisions by highlighting opportunities to improve salon performance.


How to increase the loyalty of your customers and attract new ones? Building a long-term relationship with your customers is simpler more than ever. With the software for management of Beauty and Hair Salon, SPA and Relax, Medical Center you will book in advance visiting hours, make optimal planning with maximum occupancy. Microinvest software for salon management keeps customers contact details like phone number/e-mail, you will remember their birthdays, send them greetings or coupon, setup discounts and points scheme in order to encourage them visiting your place regularly.


The software program for automation of Beauty and Hair Salon, SPA and Relax, Medical Center and clinics will not only grow with you, but will help you to grow bigger. With centralized management of consumables, customer base, flexible scheduling system, lists and memos, and reports in real time, the growth of your business and increase profits up to 30% occur in the first months after the implementation of the system.





Professional software for management of beauty salons

  • Staff motivation
  • Increase in profits
  • Application which saves the time of the manager in solving the everyday tasks
  • Powerful and flexible reporting system to analyze and optimize the success of the salon
  • Centralized management of chains of beauty salons
  • Automatic archive and data storage
  • Only 10 minutes training of the staff



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Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Image creation and comfort for visitors
  • Increase in the average profit from one customer visit
  • Elimination of non-attendance of clients
  • Manage customer loyalty
  • Marketing campaigns and promotions for customers, discount cards
  • Automatic control and management of workload in the salon
  • Customers’ birthday calendar for their marketing campaigns
  • Create your own customized maps and couponscustomerloyalty

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Improve your business

  • Receive reports on sales by day, week, month or year, all sections
  • Conduct and analyze marketing campaigns (coupons, gift certificates, discounts)
  • Control the level of access to the system
  • Improve the quality of work of the staff
  • Create a database of customers and suppliers
  • Get remote access to the system from anywhere in the world
  • Show video advertising and promotion on different screens/displays in the salon
  • Control over the turnover reports

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Which are our clients? Find out what are our clients’ testimonials

Discover the thousands of our customers in the world who are talking about Microinvest point of sale software solutions. The managers of beauty and hair salons, spa and medical centers evaluated their experience with the software after the implementation and all of them concluded that the program automates more than expected the internal process covering sales, stock, staff and appointments. They stated also that the staff became more responsible and more productive. The controlled access to the client’s database also allowed them to send SMS and email newsletters when there are new services, discounts or when approaching clients’ birthday calendar. The program works with discounts, VIP cards and tools for different loyalty programs to attract loyal customers. The point of sale software solution for beauty and hair salons also enables to record sales of related products (such as professional cosmetics, swimwear, sun creams etc.). 

Software for bronze tanning studio  Software for sauna and balneotherapy center, opinion    Software for makeup and beauty salon, feedback 
Software for bronze tanning studio comment for the software Software for makeup and beauty salon Software for SPA center
Software for beauty salon, opinion Софтуер за хамам и СПА, мнения на клиенти  


Microinvest offers…

                            Software for hairdressing salon      
Software for SPA center
                            Software for hairdressing salon  Software for SPA center
                          Software for hair salon Software for medical center
                           Software for hair salon Software for medical center
                          Software for nail beauty salon Software for Turkish bath (hammam Turkey)
                           Software for nail beauty salon Software for Turkish bath (hammam Turkey)
                           Software for beauty salon  Software for sauna and balneotherapy center
                           Software for beauty salon Software for sauna and balneotherapy center
                          Software for tattoo salon Software for massage studio
                          Software for tattoo salon Software for massage studio
                          Software for solar center Software for swimming pool and gym
                          Software for solar center Software for swimming pool and gym
                          Software for makeup and beauty salon Software for bronze tanning studio
                          Software for makeup and beauty salon            Software for bronze tanning studio


 Why we offer free demo version with full functions and without limits?

Because we value our clients’ time and funds!

We are confident that when you try our software solutions, you will most probably want to purchase them, as did many others before you. You can download the applications and use them up to 60 days without any limits. To download Microinvest software and implement it in a beauty or hair salon, you have to go through a simple registration procedure. Take your time for testing, meanwhile ask us any questions you might have. If you decide to buy it, please contact us in the following ways. We answer all questions and provide advices. You can buy the software, only after you finalize the tests and you are sure that it suits your business model.

Download our point of sale software solutions and use them up to 60 days for FREE without limits!

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Recommended Prices

Contact us to get more information about the options to buy application for management of beauty and hair salon, spa or medical center or visit our onine shop here.

Back office sytem for beauty, hair and spa salons Front Office for beauty and hair salon and SPA center App for Anroid for beauty and hair salon
Price: 199 EUR Price: 199 EUR Price: 6.99 EUR per month

Back Оffice for the manager and owner, Microinvest Warehouse Pro

Front Office for the cashier, front office assistant, recepcionist, Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light.

App for Android is compatible with different devices (smarthphone and tablets), Microinvest Restaurant. 

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 Easy software settings for beauty salon


No IT knowledge need! Microinvest offers rich documentation sets for fast installation and setup: 

User Manuals

Knowledge Database


Support service center for beauty salon

Support Services

You can our support center any time you have questions or contact our partner in your region:


Get help


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We offer professional services and solutions! And we improve them non-stop...

The time for intial implementation for software for beauty and hairt salon and SPA center is between 1 and 5 days. 

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