OpenCart Integration
OpenCart Integration with Microinvest Warehouse Pro


All users of Microinvest Warehouse Pro can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the system integration with the open source E-commerce platform OpenCart. In this way, they get a unified system that unites the functionalities of a free and popular E-shopping tool and a leading commercial software.


The integration between the two systems happens through a special application - Microinvest Utility Center, also developed by Microinvest, which provides two-way data exchange between them. Initially built, the communication between the two programs works perfectly and the end user feels like using a single platform that is very easy to manage.


Communication between OpenCart and Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows database entry and maintenance only in Microinvest Warehouse Pro and auto synchronization with the e-shop. The exchange is bidirectional and sends nomenclature, quantity, orders and sales for a given period of time.


For communication and exchange, the user should have:


NB! The communication module works only with MS SQL database!


Download a guide with additional requirements and necessary settings from here!

Synchronizing data between OpenCart and Microinvest Warehouse Pro unquestionably offers a number of benefits. One of them is the affordable acquisition and maintenance price, which allows you to own a powerful online trading system with minimal investment. Also, all open source fans are given the opportunity to manage their business effectively, minimizing errors and manually entering a large amount of information. In addition, full monitoring is carried out on all resources, which improves the accountability and planning of the activity.


Some of the benefits you get from the integration between the two programs are:

  • Once introduced, the product nomenclature at Microinvest Warehouse Pro can be transferred to the online store, including products and services descriptions, manufacturers, photos, products categories, units, and weight.
  • Auto synchronization of orders made through the E-shop in Microinvest Warehouse Pro and option for a sale transformation.
  • Auto visualization of the actual stock within the retail software to the online store, which minimizes errors and prevents from losing customers.
  • Wide range of work settings between the two products - option to maintain a certain number of items for sale through the online store, auto synchronization, etc.
  • A large number of reports for precise and comfortable monitoring of the activities
  • Analysis of orders, made through the online shop.
  • Management of the different pricing offers and promotions.
  • Getting timely information on the clients’ needs and suppliers’ relations.
  • Easy working scheme with no need of special IT knowledge.
  • Automatic and secure data exchange.



Company "Global" Ltd. trusts the integration capabilities between OpenCart - E-shop, and Microinvest Warehouse Pro.

Currently the company has two pages: and, working with the unified e-commerce system.



Opencart - Microinvest Склад Pro   Opencart - Microinvest Склад Pro
Opencart - Microinvest Склад Pro   Opencart - Microinvest Склад Pro
Opencart - Microinvest Склад Pro   Opencart - Microinvest Склад Pro
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