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You have a business in another country, or you want to effectively manage the activities of a branch of an international company in Bulgaria, Microinvest has the right solution for You! Many of our customers operate in several countries and use the software for retail outlets or companies in different languages. That's why the main advantages of Microinvest products is their convenience anywhere in the world. No matter what country you are in you can use the software with interface translated to your preferred language, and for employees it can be translated into another language and adapted to local legislation.



Download and test the fully functional free trial version of the software products of Microinvest used by customers and partners around the world!




Currently software products of Microinvest have been translated into 15 languages and we work in 24 countries on 5 continents:


Bulgarian Английски English Британски British Engllish Украински Ukrainian Румънски Romanian
Арменски Armenian Грузински Georgian Немски German Турски Turkish Испански Spanish
Полски Polish Гръцки Greek Сръбски Serbian Руски Russian Албански Albanian


Photos of active objects around the world you can view in our business platforms:




Retail and warehouse software Microinvest is localized to the legislation of the following countries:

Австрия Austria Германия Germany Канада Canada Молдова Moldova САЩ USA
Азербайджан Azerbaijan Гърция Greek Кения Kenya


Poland Танзания Tanzania
Армения Armenia Грузия Georgia Кипър Cyprus Русия Russia Турция Turkey
Беларус Belarus Испания Spain Малта Malta Руанда Rwannda Украйна Ukraine
България Bulgaria Казахстан Kazakhstan Мексико Mexico Румъния Romania

Южная Африка

South Africa




What is needed to select a translated and localized version of Microinvest`s software:

  • To check and choose the right product for Your business.
  • Contact us in the most convenient way for further details and advices.
  • Our consultants will analyze and will suggest the most suitable way to organize the workflow.

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