1. Added message when there is no connection to the printer.
2. Added link to the Microinvest site.
3. Added country selection option in the Settings window.
4. Added button to save a template to the label creation window.
5. Added check of valid quantity when selecting an item in the "Print Preview" window.
6. Added the opportunity to reload goods added from Warehouse Pro in the "Goods with price barcode" window.
7. Corrected mismatch - the "New Price" column format is corrected in the "Goods with price barcode" window.
8. Corrected mismatch - change the name of the installation window.
9. Corrected mismatch - when marking all rows and sorting one of the columns.
10. Corrected product name on start page.
11. Corrected mismatch - more accurate drawing of the straight line in the label creation window.
12. Corrected mismatch - capability to Copy & Paste straight and curved lines.
13. Corrected mismatch - the functionality of the Enter and Esc buttons is fixed.
14. Corrected mismatch - changed names of the windows.
15. Corrected mismatch - the functionality of the Tab button is fixed.
16. Corrected mismatch - changed names of the main windows.
17. Corrected mismatch - when selecting goods without counting a quantity in the window "Goods with price barcode" the price and quantity check is fixed.
1. The ability to create and print price barcodes.
2. Ability to create new database - MS SQL Server and MySQL
3. Print the advanced barcodes with scripts and mathematical operations.
4. Turkish language support
1. Armenian language support
2. Georgian language support
1. The program is now available in Spanish language.
2. The program is now available to print labels sorted by name, code, barcode and other parameters added in the template.
3. Improvement of the label print when working with lots and missing quantities of a certain good.
4. Fixed inconsistency – adding decimal separator “comma” when formatting prices higher than 999 and working with MySQL database.
5. Fixed inconsistency – in case of orientation of element “Vertical (270)” and zoom over 100%, the label/element can’t be edited.
1. Improvement in the print of barcodes in Code128.
2. Optimization of printing text turned to 270 degrees.
1. Printing weight and price barcodes – whenever the program runs into a symbol, different than a digit, it replaces it with 0(zero).
2. Filtering a subgroup
3. Option for selecting of items trough a ‘Locator’.
1. Possibility of typing texts with font size smaller than 8.
2. Typing a serial number as a barcode.
3. Additional possibility of choosing an object.
4. Additional possibility of formatting the prizes in 0-00 style.
5. Additional setup for digital grouping (3 000 000).
6. Improved work in switched on setup for object numeration.
7. Typing a price considering the transformation coefficient.
8. Optimization of the function Access denied in case of attempt of typing a document without admin rights.
9. Improved function of saving a document in Program Files without admin rights.
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