1. Added possibility to create operation "Advanced purchase" of the additional panel in "Reports".
2. Added " Advanced purchase" in the transformation of documents.
3. Added possibility to save condition of the window "Select Document".
4. Added possibility to make invoice directly from button "Options" in operation "Sales".
5. Added filter by database type in "Print Manager / Selecting a Document".
6. Added filter "Without null quantities".
7. Added warning for reaching the maximum allowed range of the numeration in "Issue of invoice".
8. Change in the arrangement of documents in the "Print Manager" corresponding to that in the "Operations".
9. Added filter in report "Availability as of" for locations with the status "Location -> Disabled" and quantities greater than 0.
10. Improved algorithm for checking the nominal and minimum quantity of goods.
11. Added Country Universal.
12. Added Turkmen language.
13. Added Country "Turkmenistan".
14. Added possibility to choose a specific Purchase in module of change the prices.
15. Print only selected nomenclatures in the windows Items, Partners, Locations, Users, Currencies.
16. Revision of the Georgian translation.
17. Added posibility to choose state "frequently used" for partner in Wizzard of creating a new database.
18. Added documents with pictures for the following operations:
- Sale
- Transfer
- Write-off
- Consign items
- Order
- Proforma
- Request
- Offer (all styles)
19. Added button "Export to Accounting" at StartUp screen when selected country Germany.
20. Added possibility to perform "Fast transformation".
21. Added a Turkish translation of the license agreement.
22. Removed link "Do not show" when chosen country Germany.
23. Optimized the selection of quantities while reading weight barcode when working with lots.
24. Updated display name while editing item by scanning the barcode and downloading information from the "cloud".
25. Optimized the search in "Edit / Administration / Change prices".
26. Optimization in the windows of the program on long text area that are not collected in a specific place.
27. Corrected mismatch - duplicate delivery price for handling currency.
28. Increasing speed-up for visualization of Reports with long lists.
29. Update in the headquarter address of Microinvest in "Help -> About".
30. Correction of classic documents in all languages with long texts.
31. Fixed bug - error-free operation and batch invoice processing fee.
32. Fixed bug - error when trying to delete an empty field in "Complex recipes".
33. Fixed bug - an option to edit selling price in the "Advanced purchase".
34. Fixed bug - an error in report with no result and calling the "Edit Document" from task panel.
35. Fixed bug – key combination Ctrl + A in the window for selection of nomenclatures is now working.
1. Added new items in the Wizard database when the selected country Germany.
2. Added a new VAT group: C - 0% when creating a new database with the chosen country Germany.
3. Added translation for types of operations for the following languages: Greek, Spanish, Armenian, Georgian, Polish, Ukrainian, Latvian, Finnish, Arabic.
4. Added ability to import operation ''Purchase'' with the included fields "Production date ", and "Best before" when chosen work method - with Lots.
5. Added ability to set access rights for the button ''Cancellation'' when you pay in advance.
6. Partitioning for Lots in the transformation of all types of operations to stock-taking.
7. Updating the translation into Arabic.
8. Updating the translation into Finnish.
9. Synchronization of the date format in the program, accordance with the Windows system settings.
10. Refresh the status of the controls on the window "Export to Accounting" when changing "Product".
11. Improved export of the report to .pdf.
12. Improved export of the report to Open Office.
13. Optimization and improvement of import nomenclatures.
14. Ability to select the status "Frequently used" in the window "Add items".
15. In the window "Add items" in the field "Group" added the default group "Goods".
16. Depending on the country are added 2 new fields "Note 1" and "Note 2", when editing a partner, in section "Data for printing".
17. When editing location for registration in section "Additional information" are added 2 new fields "Note 1" and "Note 2", depending on the country selected. For country Kazakstan they are "Note" and "КВЕ".
18. In case of founded inconsistency in the database related with the numeration of the opretaion, a message is written in the "Application dairy".
19. Fixed bug - when selected visual style, except "Classic", in the window "Edit user" in the field "State" the part of text "The user is frequently used, is displayed in the first place" to be seen.
20. Fixed bug - an error while creating a new SQL-server database from the "Settings" window.
21. Fixed bug - error when Lot mode in the touch screen when you select an item and press CTRL+F.
22. Fixed bug – error in report "date of payment" and working in the following languages: Greek, Spanish, Armenian, Georgian, Polish, Ukrainian, Latvian, Finnish, Arabic.
23. Fixed bug - does not display the group names in the window "Add items" for the selected visual style other than "Classic".
24. Fixed bug - in the window of operation for large values of the sum of the field "Amount", "VAT" and "Total" are displaced and hiding under the table with the Lots.
25. Fixed bug - the wrong set the first day of the week in the calendar when Finnish language selected.
26. Fixed bug - when importing operation "Transfer" with set numeration by the documents, the documents numeration will be imported with the numeration by the object to where makes tranfering.
27. Fixed bug - when makes Stock-taking and adding the Item and new Lot and then sort by rows, field "Lot" and Income price can be edited.
28. Added Turkish translation of the license agreement in the installer of software.
29. Tree structure of reports in "Reports manager" and "Owner Reports" windows is avaible when the program is started for first time
30. Added set of documents in A5 format - portrait and landscape.
31. Added set of documents 80 mm for printing on kitchen printer.
32. Added document for EGAIS.
1. Added primary help window with the most frequently used functions at startup.
2. Added country KSA
3. Added localization for country KSA.
- Currency SAR - Saudi Riyal (ر.س)
- VAT group A-0%
4. Added country Turkmenistan .
5. Added localization for country Turkmenistan
- Currency TMT (Turkmenistani Manat - manat, coins – tenge)
- VAT group - А-0%, B-15%
6. When Finland is selected as a country in the window for add/edit partner in “Print Information” tab, there is a new field to add birth date.
7. Improving the algorithm for displaying the amount "In words" / "With the words" for Kirigistan as added tiыn (hundredth of SOM).
8. Ability to "Send a message to Microinvest" when an error occurs or there is a suggestion by the user.
9. When creating nomenclature of the operators, from “New database wizard”, the first user is with access level Owner and all others – as “Operator”.
10. In “New database wizard” is added automatic numeration of codes when entering:
- Partners
- Locations
- Operators
11. The selected country Kazakhstan in the window "Location for registration" in the section "Additional Information" is added field KBE.
12. In Reports->Nomenclatures-> Users the column “Company” is corrected to “”Location for registration”.
13. Added new function “Optimization of rounding” till 6th sign after the decimal separator of all exponential values “Edit->Adminsitration->Service menu”.
14. Added is option to print a document for payment in “Grouped payment”.
15. Forbidden is “Grouped payment” in Edit->Payments->Payments, when selection for documents, issued by different partners.
16. Ban on "Grouped payment” from operator locked to a location to such different from the one he is locked to.
17. Optimization of row height when printing reports.
18. New possibility for reverse sorting in the windows for selecting goods, partners, locations and operators when double click over the title of the column.
19. In Automatic operation when “ is enabled "Round quantites up to additional measure", when filling the table of operation, second measure unit is selected with the rounded quantity.
20. Payment with voucher is written in the “Cash book” as “Type of payment” – “Sale” (income).
21. Fixed bug – creating a price rule from the assistant for client’s obligation.
22. Fixed bug – error in “Revaluation” and change of the delivery price.
23. Fixed bug – not correct set of access level in some documents.
24. Fixed bug - not correct set of access level for edit of some fields in operation “Revision” when selecting a good from window “Goods”.
25. Fixed bug – import of operations with type > 100.
26. Fixed bug – in "Reports -> Payments-> Payments Due" Dates is missing translation if the list with operations for the following languages: Armenian, Arabic, Georgian, Finnish, Latvian, Polish, Spanish, Ukrainian.
1. Option for executing the following "Automatic operations":
- Delivery
- Transfer
- Write out
- Order
- Offer
- Proforma
- Request
2. New functionality for printing documents with pictures:
- Stock receipt for sale of items with pictures
- Protocol for returning items on consignation with pictures
- Protocol for writing out items on consignation with pictures
- Offer with pictures
- Order with pictures
- Request with pictures
3. Added new country Kirgizstan
4. Added localization for country Kirgizstan:
- Currency Сом
- VAT - А-12%, B-1%, C-2%, D-0%
5. Added new sales document showing the items with its selling price, without discounts applied.
6. Added option "Do not ask me more" in the messages for duplicating of:
- Code, name, barcode, catalog number when add/edit items
- Code name, VAT number, identification number when addi/edit partner
- Code when addi/ edit location
- Code name when add/edit user
7. Optimization of the interface when showing long name of company in the status bar of the program.
8. Detecting of price barcode from the following type: 2800001$$$.$$c.
9. Added new column “VAT group” in Reports/Nomenclatures/Items.
10. Added new column „Price group” in Reports/Nomenclatures/ Locations.
11. Added new columns in Reports/Nomenclatures/Users:
- Access level
- Location
- Location for registration
12. Correction of the vat % for Greece valid from 01.06.2016:
- Α 24%
- B 13%
- Γ 6%
- Δ 36%
13. When importing nomenclatures, it is created list with the missing elements (partners, items) with the following name Import_Errors.txt.
14. Improving the algorithm impor nomenclatures for checking invalid values as not allowed characters, duplicated goods / partners and others invalid data.
15. Removed confirmation message for reprinting a document.
16. New functionality – option to print documents with barcode:
- Document “Request” printed with barcode
- Document “Offer” printed with barcode
- Document “Order” printed with barcode
- Document “Protocol for write out items” printed with barcode
- Document “Refund” printed with barcode
- Document “Stock Receipt for delivery ” printed with barcode
- Document “Stock Receipt for sale ” printed with barcode
- Document “Stock Receipt for transfer of items” printed with barcode
17. Denomination of currency in Belarus:
- Change in the rounding from "000" to "0.00"
- Default currency – BYN when creating new database
- Correction in the VAT % in document for reappraisal
- Correction in the algorithm for transformation the sum “with words”
- Update of printed forms
18. Fixed bug - when Russian language and country Belarus are selected, in the help wizard to create a new base , the list with goods is in English.
19. Fixed bug – record in the cash group of the amount in the accumulatied electronic points from price rules
20. Fixed bug – incorrect language for the list with countries in Arabic language.
21. Fixed bug – when creating new database for country Kirgizstan, the default settings to be as for country Russia.
22. Fixed bug – in the “Print Manager“ when choosing “Report on consignment”, the document is not displayed after recording operation.
23. Fixed bug – in case of no fiscal device (cash register, fiscal printer, POS printer) it is forbidden printing fiscal receipt.
24. Fixed bug – incorrect numeration when crossing different operations (sale, delivery)
1. Significant increase in the speed time of the product when working with MS SQL Server or MSDE database.
2. Improvement of module “Add Items”.
3. Option to select more than one document when issuing credit and debit note, when partners have the same names for printing.
4. The following countries are available for work:
    - Latvia
    - United Kingdom
    - UAE
    - Oman
    - Cuba
    - Finland
5. Localization for country Latvia:
    - Currency EUR (euro)
    - VAT groups – A-21%
    - Translation to Latvian
6. Localization for country UK:
    - Currency GBP(British Pound)
    - VAT groups – A-20%, B-5%, C-0%
7. Localization (translation) for UAE:
    - Currency AED (Arab Emirates Dirham)
    - VAT group – A-0%
8. Localization (translation) for Oman:
    - Currency Omani Rial
    - VAT group – A-0%
9. Localization for Cuba:
    - Currency CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso)
    - VAT group – A-0%
10. Localization for Finland:
    - Currency EUR (euro)
    - VAT group – A-24%, B-14%, C-10%
    - Translation to Finnish
11. Improvement of the mechanism for editing received credit note by sum.
12. Optimization in the algorithm for determine price group of the items, no matter of the sequence: select partner, select location.
13. When is disabled edit items and the price rule for discount by groups, the function “drag and drop” is limited for the respected user in window “Items”.
14. Update in Russian language for reports "Revision”, column “Notes”.
15. Improvement of the algorithm for search when enter “+/-“ in locator Nomenclatures.
16. Correction of the serial number of operation after using the "Transformation of documents".
17. Calling the “Wizard for creating database” when new database is created from menu Settings.
18. Prohibition for selection condition "User is not used" when there are only defined owner and operator.
19. For country Belarus change in the default rounding from 10 to 100.
20. Change in the default settings of VAT groups - TVA A 20%; TVA B 9%; TVA C 5%; TVA D 0%.
21. Improvement for the following documents for country Romania:
    - RegistruDeCasa.rpt
- RegistruDeCasa.mur
- InvoiceNir3.rpt
- InvoiceNIRRomania.rpt
22. Unification of the value for the field "Number of the transaction" with payments made from Warehouse Pro Light.
23. Optimization in the loading of items in operation “Sale” when using MYSQL database.
24. New function for finding Getti cards with prefix 0708753.
25. Modification of parameter / Unlock - to function the parameter, then after it should be introduced service password.
26. Show the correct pricing group in edit items according to the location to which the active user is hooked.
27. Optimization in generating the next free (beginning with "20") barcode upon reaching the maximum value.
28. Ability to move with arrow "up" / "down" in the table with results in "Locator".
29. Option when entering words in the "Locator" to show only rows with cells containing data, starting with the first searched word.
30. Improvement of calculating the quantities in "Automatic request" by supplementary measure unit and supplement the nominal quantity.
31. For Russian market only – changes in accordance with the new application EGAIS.
32. Added a new type of export to accounting system in menu Edit> Administration> Export to Accounting -> Business Navigator Version 4, with the addition of UIC and form of payment.
33. Fixed bug – fixed error in module “Add Items” when clearing field, where item’s barcode is entered.
34. Fixed bug – the price rule round the currency rate in format “a whole number”.
35. Fixed bug - undetectable consignment when the item is not used.
36. Fixed bug - corrected error when creating new database with nomenclatures, because two records (values) are saved for one and the same setting.
37. Fixed bug - corrected error when cancel selection of item in operation Delivery.
38. Fixed bug - corrected error when select “filter” in Edit->Payments->Payments.
39. Fixed bug – corrected error in item with sum “0” in operation “Point of sale module”.
40. Fixed bug of wrong or missing icons in Menu->Windows.
41. Fixed bug – corrected error when calculating VAT in “Receive credit note” when the partner is set with discount.
42. Fixed bug - in "Import Operations" and "Hide delivery prices", "in review" supply costs are visible.
1. Improvement of the algorithm for generating barcodes. Option to generate barcodes bigger than 2099999999998.
2. Optimization of the algorithm for saving items with code, which starts and/or ends with some of the following symbols – '.' Or ',' or which contains one or more of those symbols next to each other.
3. Optimization of the sorting by number of row in an operation.
4. Option to print fiscal receipt for country Moldova after a record of operation Refund.
5. Hiding the users, which are not used in 'Edit-> Administration-> User Rights' and 'Settings'.
6. Adding 'Refund', 'Debit Note' and 'Credit Note' in the filter of the report 'Grouped operations'.
7. Adding setting for synchronization of items in 'Settings-> Other'.
8. Creating a module for pulling information from a server for synchronization items’ data – 'Add items'.
9. New functionality for sending items to the server for synchronization items’ data when setting 'Synchronization of nomenclatures' is enabled from menu 'Settings-> Other'
10. For country Rwanda are disabled the following operations due to country legislation:
- Sale
- Edit sale
- Reprint sale
- Refund
- Edit refund
- Reprint refund
- Proforma invoce
- Edit proforma invoice
- Reprint proforma invoice        
11. Recognition and adding customer Microinvest club cards.
12. Update of InvoiceNIRRomania.rpt.
13. Update/adding user reports for Rwanda
14. Change in the rounding of document amount from 0 to 0.00 for country Kazakhstan
15. Added is new option for creating the following operations from Help panel in Reports:
- Issuing Credit Note
- Issuing Debit Note
- Refund
- Warranty card
16. Optimization of the algorithm for searching of item in the Locator, when in the price there is a decimal separator.
17. Update of report 'Transfer by price groups'.
18. Update of the algorithm for export of 'Consigments' when export in ‚Operations Exchange'.
19. Adding new option for choosing invoice in 'Operations-> Notes->Receiving Credit/Debit Notes'
20. Fixed inconsistency when transforming document Sale in 'Warranty Card', in the field for 'Serial N' to be written the number of the lot.
21. Fixed inconsistency when entering more than 10 symbols in the field 'To invoice' in module 'Receiving Credit/Debit Notes'.
22. Fixed inconsistency - in 'Edit->Documents->Merge document/Consignation' appears mistake and the program shuts down, when the OS is Windows XP.
23. Fixed inconsistency - mistake when selecting setting and missing of selected category: for the program, form the database and the user.
24. Fixed inconsistency - searching for item in operation when entering few items and consequent change in the sorting.
25. Fixed inconsistency - closing the locator for searching items, object when fast entering of text is used.
26. Fixed inconsistency - with not enough quantities when creating operations from the help panel of report 'Items->Items Quantity' .
27. Fixed inconsistency - error in creating new operation in the help panel of reports 'Items->Availability to date' when working with lots, if in the report there are location and/or serial number.
28. Fixed inconsistency - wrong 'total amount' when issuing electronic invoice in working method with price with VAT included setting, which is enabled.
29. Fixed inconsistency in document TORG-29 for country Russia.
30. Fixed inconsistency -error in 'Merging documents-> Consignation' when in the document there is more than one row (record).
31. Correction of name of the column in report 'Movement of items' when working language is Russian.
32. Fixed inconsistency - in print of a 'Invoice with due dates and discount', the retail price is with VAT, but have to be without VAT.
33. Fixed inconsistency - when importing price group of a partner.
34. Fixed inconsistency - not working filters for date and number of a document in export in 'Operations Exchange'.
35. Fixed inconsistency - disappearance of a symbol of serial number of the product on delivery.
1. Added check for value of minimal and nominal item’s quantity;
2. Added delete of fiscal receipts after usage of service function “Clean up data”;
3. Added entering of advanced payment in operations;
4. Added new functionalities for transformation of documents;
5. Added new price rules such as “Change of the price of the cheapest item in the operation”;
6. Added extended filter in module Reports manager -> Sales by suppliers;
7. Added record for change of the data in the Application log;
8. Added field for filter by “catalogue number” in “Report manager”;
9. Added functionality for automatic loading of item in "Microinvest Nutrition Calculator";
10. Added support for Zambia;
11. Added support for Rwanda;
12. Restriction for entering of special characters in item’s code;
13. Optimized detection of products that contain special characters in the name in module "Import Operations";
14. Optimized representation of numerical values in the documents;
15. Optimized sort by code in module “Price change”;
16. Optimized entering of big number of document in “Operations exchange”-> Export;
17. Optimized detection of partner in module “Import of operations”;
18. Optimization in the Russian translation;
19. Optimization in module “Price rules”;
20. Optimization in module “Point of sale”;
21. Optimization in module “Reports manager”;
22. Optimization in module “Revision”;
23. Optimization in module “Export to accounting”;
24. Optimized filter in the report “Revision”;
25. Optimized edition of service attributes;
26. Update of VAT rate for Cyprus;
27. Updated document “BILLA Stock receipt”;
28. Fixed inconsistence in payment from help panel in report “Payments” from Report Manager (Owner) and Reports Manager;
29. Fixed inconsistence when adding the button for “Point of Sale” screen in the Button list;
30. Fixed inconsistence when hiding item after import of nomenclatures;
31. Fixed inconsistence in calculation of delivery price after use of service function;
32. Fixed inconsistence in issuing of notices;
33. Fixed inconsistence in recording of dates of production when automatic production is enabled;
34. Fixed inconsistence in item’s price after usage of the function “Recalculation delivery prices”;
35. Fixed inconsistence of the text in the groups of items in Assistant for creating new database;
36. Fixed inconsistence for reporting / return on consignment with a change of unit;
37. Fixed inconsistence for generating document “Act revaluation” after Delivery for country/language Russia;
1. A new report added " Nomenclature which do not meet the requirements of the Android application".
2. Added filter of the goods condition in the Report "Report for minimal quantities" and " Goods under minimal quantities".
3. Added a service command ShowHID, visualizing HID for Hardware dongle registrations.
4. In Reports " Availability to date" and "Amount of goods" has been added a capability of grouping goods from different lots, shown in the reports, using lots.
5. Added a filter for grouping partners in following reports:

- Partners by Profit;
- Sales by partners;
- Locations by profit;
- Sales by Locations;
- Users by profit;
- Sales by users;
- Most Profitable Items;
- Best Selling Item by Amount;
- Best Selling Item by Quantity;

6. Correction of all documents related to Credit and Debit Notes.
7. Improvement of the "Revision" report.
8. Improvement of module "Operations" – The “Note” field is accumulating after grouping of operations.
9. Optimization of the functionality of the "Update " field in operation " Revision ".
10. Optimization of the functionality of creating a new group / subgroup in “Items”.
11. Fixed algorithm to change the value of an item in operation " Revaluation".
12. Fixed VAT groups - Greece.
13. Adjusting the functionality of module "Settings" - After changing the type of database, settings for MS SQL server are lost.
14. Correction in “Fisa De Magazie” report.
15. Adjusted document – “Stock receipt BILLA”.
16. Added a validation of the delivery price, if an operation of import (Supplies) has been accomplished.
17. Change of the format of the quantities in "Reporting / return of consignment".
18. Change the number of buttons in the button bar – in countries USA and Canada.
19. Fixed error when operation is created as a result from a report, using lots.
20. Fixed error in editing Payments (choosing way of payment and denial).
21. Fixed error in exportation to accounting of sales without invoices to Delta and Delta Pro.
22. Fixed error in export to accounting - Cash Report.
23. Fixed error in the creation of operation as a result of report ( created during automate production operation).
24. Fixed error during export of Sales and Consignments in module " Data Transfer".
25. Fixed error "Direct production" (Automatic recalculation of the cost of the production material has been deleted ).
26. Fixed error in operation “Extended delivery".
27. Fixed error in cancellation of a Credit note with the biggest possible number of the document.
28. Documentation of the product has been updated.
1. Added new price rule for playing audio (supports WAV files).
2. Added new support for pole display in Device manager.
3. Added new countries:

- Germany;
- Poland;
- Turkey;
- Azerbaijan;

4. Added new field for notes in Retail module.
5. Added new functionality – item choice by catalog number in operations.
6. Optimized system for creating new database.
7. Optimization in the functionality of module “Import items”.
8. Optimization of the report “stock-taking”.
9. Enabled default setting for fiscal receipt print in module ”Point of Sale”.
10. Fixed inconsistency in mixed payment in module “Point of Sale”.
11. Fixed inconsistency in work with barcode templates in module “Direct production”.
12. Fixed inconsistency in the calendar when operating in different cultures.
13. Fixed inconsistency in functionality of report “Availability as of report”.
14. Fixed problem with filter in report “Owner report”.
15. Fixed inconsistency in transformation of document “Order” into “Sale”.
16. Fixed problem in duplication in records in field “Notes” to operation.
17. Fixed inconsistency in module “Recalculation of items for production”.
18. Fixed inconsistency in the functionality of module “Advanced purchase” – Romania.
1. New language added – Polish.
2. New conditions are added in the Price Rules module for sale and purchase price.
3. New column with items code is added in the Help in case of creating new database.
4. New fields for ID and VAT number are added in the filters and columns for the following reports:

- Issued invoices;
- Credit notes;
- Debit notes;
- Received invoices;
- Received credit notes;
- Received debit notes;

5. New user report is added “Statistics – number of documents by operations”.
6. Optimization in module Company Data.
7. Optimization in module Direct production.
8. Optimization in module Payments.
9. Optimization in module Print Manager for work with lower resolutions.
10. Optimized icon for operation Enabled Delivery.
11. Optimized user report "Availability as of date with purchase and sale price".
12. Optimized user report "Sales with discount percentage and amount”.
13. Optimized Excel document "Annual profit and turnover”.
14. Optimized Excel document "Daily profit and turnover".
15. Optimized stock receipt and invoice for Kazakhstan.
16. Optimized document for revaluation – Belarus.
17. Optimized document TORG 12 for Russia.
18. Fixed searching with items locator.
19.Fixed exporting deliveries to Business Navigator software.
20. Fixed exporting to the accounting module of Ajur-L software.
21. Fixed recalculating of items for production.
22. Fixed function “Open the report for reference” in reports.
23. Fixed visualization of the item barcode in operation “Revision”.
24. Fixed bug in Delivery, after sorting by name.
25. Fixed bug in reports exporting in XML.
26. Fixed report "Sales by suppliers".
27. Fixed importing items from Excel, which contain value in the field “Catalog 3”.
28. Fixed bug in module Price Rules – condition for partner happy birthday for Russia.
29. Fixed bug in creating new database for Belarus.
30. Improvement of the translation - Russia.
31. Fixed documents for Belarus.
1. Developed new module for setting the database when creating a new database.
2. Added functionality for choosing the printer when printing a report.
3. Added recalculation of complex production in module Recalculation of the produced products.
4. Added filter for issued and received debit and credit notes in Operation report.
5. Added feature for setting certain measure when importing operations.
6. Added new template for price rules.
7. Added support of price rules in Transfer module.
8. Added new report for Repeated items.
9. Added user report Documents data changes.
10. Added user report Partners data changes.
11. Added user report Items with weight barcodes.
12. Added new fields in importing partners in Import nomenclatures module:

- Price groups;
- Russia – ОКПД, ОКПО, Birthdate;
- Kazakhstan – РНН, БИН, Свидетельство о постановке на учет по НДС, Birth date;
- Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine – Birthdate;

13. Added new fields in Nomenclatures/Partners report depending on the selected country.
14. Added button Options in issuing Debit/Credit notes.
15. Added filter for item condition in the Recipes and Production reports.
16. Improvement of the access rights exchange in the Operations Exchange module with Warehouse Pro Light.
17. Change in the logic of importing operations in the module for Operation Exchange with Warehouse Pro Light – the date of creating the document is transferred.
18. Change in the algorithm of calculating average weighed price in module Invoice for import processing/Receiving of debit notes.
19. Change in the logic of loading the purchase price when transforming certain operation to Write-off.
20. Fixed inconsistency in scanning with barcode reader in the locator window, when there is a least one row.
21. Fixed inconsistency in processing barcodes in Operation module.
22. Fixed inconsistency in scanning with barcode scanner of an item with measure different from “number” when working with lots.
23. Fixed inconsistency in printing revision protocol – when printing by purchase price was enabled, the old price of the item had been printed.
24. Fixed inconsistency in export to Business Navigator software in module Export to accounting - VAT is charged unnecessarily when the option for VAT included in price is enabled.
25. Fixed inconsistency in creating new MS SQL Server 2012 database;.
26. Improvement of the loading of recipe in MySQL server in module Complex Production.
27. Fixed inconsistency in exporting cash report in MySQL server in module Export to accounting.
28. Fixed inconsistency in importing partners in module Operation exchange.
29. For Belarus and Kazakhstan - fixed inconsistency in recording or editing of sale and the item is with 100% discount.
30. Improvement of the order in the window for new versions.
31. Improvement of the order in the window for issuing cash orders.
32. Fixed inconsistency in automatic generating of items codes.
33. Fixed inconsistency in loading recipe in module Complex Recipes.
34. Improvement of the translation in Romanian language.
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