Electronic interactive menu for restaurants and cafés


Electronic interactive menu for restaurants and cafés




Electronic menu in restaurants – it is the future of the hospitality industry!

eMenu from Microinvest is an interactive electronic menu for restaurants, cafes and fastfoods. The application runs on a PC, POS terminal, iPhone, iPad, any smartphone or tablet for iOS, Windows Phone, Linux or Android


Install the free trial version (demo version)

Download electronic Menu 

Download free electronic interactive menu for restaurants and cafes

Price for interactive menu only 299 euro

A test version of the electronic menu for restaurants in the online mode  


Electronic interactive menu for restaurants and cafes Electronic interactive menu for restaurants and cafes Electronic interactive menu for restaurants, guest testimonials
Why does restaurant need electronic menu?  The advantages of the electronic menu Reviews and customer opinions

Interactive menu can offer much more than standard paper. It will revitalize your usual restaurant menu, with bright images and interactive interaction. Customers will be able to see the best deals of your restaurant, and special promotions.

  • Digital menu from any point
  • No costs for menu printing
  • First-class customer service
  • Updating menu anytime
  • Building a brand
  • Prestige of the restaurant
  • No costs for menu printing

«Guests of the our restaurant often mark (notice) the high quality and speed of service, which was achieved using Microinvest eMenu Pro application»


Dron Ekaterina, director of the restaurant "BERLIN"







Electronic menu - why is it need in a restaurant or a cafe?



Interactive electronic menus for restaurants Microinvest eMenu Pro - is a new generation of guests service! Our innovative software offers the most modern, fast and interactive work with service users in bars, cafes and restaurants.

Take your business into the future, right now. With the help of an interactive electronic menu Microinvest eMenu and built-in functions of the electronic catalog and digital menu-boards, everyone can create stunning animations, attractive presentations and visualize your menu in a few seconds!



Electronic menus in karaoke bar Electronic interactive menu tablet (plate) for waiter Electronic interactive menu for the bartender Electronic POS touchscreen menu


Electronic menus appear as a result of the practical need to accelerate the work of waiters, reduce the cost of updating the paper menus and human error, as well as to be able to continually attract visitors by new products and special promotions. Microinvest eMenu Pro is an application with an intuitive interface that works from any web browser.


You can see examples of the use of interactive electronic menu in the most fashionable restaurants and cafes of large cities in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries, and familiarize with customer reviews. 



Benefits of Microinvest eMenu Pro


  • Universal

Electronic interactive menu Microinvest eMenu Pro - is a system for creating and displaying graphics and text content. This simple concept allows eMenu really unlimited application possibilities. Digital Board, advertising and marketing, information kiosks, representation of the restaurant menu on your computer or on site via the Internet. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Electronic menu example
  • Elegant

Trendy and stylish color schemes, high-resolution images and design flexibility - it's part of the opportunities that will bring elegance and image of your institution and the products that you offer as only eMenu can.

Electronic menu for restaurants
  • Attractive

eMenu designed and decorated so as to best meet the needs of the restaurant business, and perform his task. Microinvest eMenu Pro - it's like a suit for tailoring: it fits well, looks good and draws attention to you. Attention, measured by gains.

Electronic menu application
  • Intuitive

From installation process and daily work, the creation of shares at the time of the day and to develop your own advertising. Microinvest eMenu Pro allows you to make the job simple, projects with intuitive designs to create and manage, at any level of computer literacy.

Electronic menu tablet
  • Simple

Simply to install. Simple in decoration (Simple to decorate). Simple to use.

Microinvest eMenu Pro - simply created for you.

The electronic menu simple photo




Download free demo version

Download electronic Menu 

The price of the interactive menu only from € 299



Clients testimonials


Consider different examples of work of electronic menu in restaurants and cafes in different cities of Russia and other CIS countries and Europe. Check out the reviews and opinions of owners. 


Our customers say that the electronic menu allows them to attract and retain constant visitors. Restaurant and cafe became more attractive for guests who are interested in novelties and for those who love the comfort and speed of service. Thanks to flexible system of loyalty, customers become permanent and recommend a place loved by his friends. In addition, the restaurant looks more solid and modern, allowing you to attract and business customers.


Electronic interactive menu will allow the owner of the restaurant forever say goodbye to the problems of slowness of waiters and cooks inconsistencies. Customers will not be nervously wait for the waiter and will order directly from the computer, as soon as they wanted it. A waiter will only have to carry the order to the table, after receiving the signal about readiness.



Electronic menus in a karaoke bar, Omsk E-menu in the restaurant, Moscow

E-menu in the sauna in recreation center, Ekaterinburg

E-menu in the cafe, Romania

Electronic interactive menu in a karaoke bar, Omsk Electronic interactive menu in a restaurant, Moscow Electronic interactive menu for for relax zone Electronic interactive menu for restaurants and cafes

Electronic menus in the children's room, a corner in the cafe

Electronic interactive menu, restaurant automation, Yegoryevsk

Electronic interactive menu in the cafe, Perm

Electronic interactive menu in the restaurant, Orenburg

Electronic menu in a kids party club Interactive electronic menu in Moscow Electronic interactive menu in cafe Electronic interactive menu for restaurant



In the opinion of the owners of the restaurants that have implemented electronic menu, the profit increased by an average of 20-30%.


This is due to several factors:

  • Firstly, a strong loyalty system and appeared  additional prestige and comfort allow to keep regular customers and attract new ones.
  • Secondly, the loss is reduced from abuse, negligence and sluggishness personnel; increasing the efficiency and speed of receiving orders.
  • Thirdly, and this feature of the electronic menu, our experience shows that the average check increased between 10 and 20%, due to the possibility to choose and to order by himself, without waiting for the waiter (because during this time the client may change his mind).

In conjunction with the waiters call buttons, the electronic assistant for the cook and powerful loyalty system, customer satisfaction after the introduction of the interactive menu is increased significantly. The investment pays for itself within a few weeks, and continues to work on the attraction and retention of permanent satisfied visitors, allowing your business to grow rapidly.



The price of the electronic menu for restaurants and cafes


The price of electronic interactive Microinvest eMenu Pro menu is 299 EUR

and purchased a one-time for the entire restaurant or cafe. To the interactive product there is a lot of interest, as they help to attract and retain customers. And in view of the fact that the price of decision from Microinvest is very democratic, the product pays for itself in a matter of weeks, as our customers says.

You can free to install and work in the demo version of the electronic menu to test all possibilities to check whether the solution is right for your business.

If you decide to purchase an eMenu from Microinvest, you will get a complete 4 full modules, each of which will help to make your restaurant even more effective and more profitable. This built-in modules:



eMenu eStatistics eCatalog Digital Board
Электронное интерактивное меню для ресторанов Электронная статистика для ресторана Электронное меню на сайте ресторана онлайн Цифровые меню борды для ресторанов и кафе

Electronic menu

Serves as the regular menu (browsing of menu, images, descriptions) with an interactive opportunity to immediately order the dish you liked.

Reports and statistics

Remote monitoring and graphical analysis of enterprise data in real time. Including from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) of the SEO (head, director).

Dynamic directory

Automatic placement of the restaurant's menu (or other goods of the company) on the company's website, with the ability to view products, their descriptions and prices on the Internet.

Digital menu board

Module for broadcast on screens, boards or monitors a variety of advertising, presentations, and shares facilities for a maximum of attracting the attention of visitors.

Price: included in the price of eMenu

Price: included in the price of eMenu

Price: included in the price of eMenu

Price: included in the price of eMenu





For free advice you can always contact your nearest representative or contact us



Download Microinvest eMenu in free demo trial


You can download and use for free Microinvest software in demo mode without a single issue from our side. To download our software for automating, just go through a simple registration procedure.

 Come on! (Go ahead!) Download electronic interactive menu and use it for FREE, with a limit of the number of orders.Скачать DEMO версию программы

Download electronic Menu

Owners of restaurants and cafes, set this demo and

test all features without restrictions at any time convenient for you! Don't miss it!





Электронное меню настройка самостоятельнаяSetup and installation

You can manually install and configure an electronic interactive menu for your restaurant or cafe. Use the links:


Электронное меню поддержкаSupport

You can ask for a free consultation and to the acquisition to experienced professionals. Use the links:



We have the best free support and we are proud of it! Handle all matters (questions)!

The average time of installation and customization of an interactive electronic menu at the restaurant or cafe are between 1 to 5 days

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